Spring, spring, come out and play…

Today’s weather has been crazy. When I woke up I was so excited to see the beginnings of daylight. This jump started a good mood as I made my way to the gym, (tack another 4.25 miles on my tally!). The sun was up and shining for my breakfast,

(oats with vanilla almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds & cinnamon)

and my lunch,

(leftover easy black eyed peas, brown rice & mozz/provolone blend)

but by early afternoon this happened:

The weather shifted back and forth between hail, snow and bright sunshine,

(This picture was seriously taken 10 minutes later, ahhh!)

as I snacked on an apple and a peach chobani.

It was 38 degrees when I left work. Where, exactly is spring? Mother Nature is just as moody as I am right now, and she better not mess up my Bloomsday plans! I am really hoping that 60 degree forecast happens on Saturday!

The rain didn’t stop me from getting together with my friend, Lindsay, for dinner though! Lindsay is in town for her spring break to visit her mom, and I met her at my favorite local eatery. Care to guess where that might be?

Did you guess The Flying Goat? If so, gold star for you!

All day long I fantasized about the Cleveland pizza. Mmmm buttery roasted garlic goodness. But then when I arrived I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Decisions, decisions.

Linds and I decided to split the Cleveland,

(Yukon gold potatoes, carmelized onions, rosemary, Fontina & roasted garlic)

and the Providence.

(Chevre goat cheese, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, pine nuts & basil)

Mmmmm, I am looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch very much.

My festivities tonight left the boys to fend for themselves. My Meal Plan Monday stated leftovers, but it smells like fries in here…

On the menu for the rest of the week:

Tuesday (Libb): Roasted red pepper ravioli + salad

Wednesday: Leftover butter-not squash enchiladas

Thursday (Leila): pasta with edamame, green peas and pesto + salad

Friday (the Hubs): grilled fish tacos

Saturday: Date night out

Sunday: Easter dinner with family. Will I eat meat? Who knows! I haven’t been craving it as much as I had at the beginning of Lent. Time will tell, time will tell.

What is your favorite easy weeknight meal?

Clearly this week has a quick & dirty theme. The hubs kindly asked me to clear out the fridge and freezer, rather than making anything “new” (aka weird) this week. So it is back to the basics for us, which means lots of carbs – perfect for my running regimen!