running advice, please

Today I ran, (well, I jogged), 5 miles.

The last time I ran 5 miles solid was 2003. I ran with my buddy, Reese, nearly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during our Sophomore year of college.

She kept up with the running routine, I did not.

Reese is visiting in less than two weeks to run Bloomsday with me, a rather large and somewhat famous 12K here in Spokane. I’ve never participated, and in January, when I initially decided to run this race, I figured I would be in tip top shape for it. Unfortunately, I haven’t stuck to any real running regimen, and I am fearful that I may pass out and die in two weeks.

So a week ago I got serious. Better late than never, right?

Monday I ran 2 miles, Wednesday I ran 4 miles and today I ran 5. The difference? Today I ran outside, and it was glorious! I remembered why I ran 3 days a week in college. It was actually enjoyable, as opposed to running on the treadmill, which is utterly atrocious.

So I mapped out my route on Geodistance, wrote it all on a post it note, and set out on my way. I created quite the awesome iPod shuffle list too. Reese and I decided to coordinate playlists (fun!), so I wanted to test out my songs. My playlist included the following:

I really need to pare it down, but I don’t know where to start. And I feel like I need to add more too! Ahhh, decisions, decisions.

I learned a few things about my run outside:

1. I wore way too much clothing. I wore some Nike dry fit running pants, (which were fine because of the ridiculous amount of wind), a Danskin short sleeve top and a tuff athletics running jacket. The running jacket was my problem. It is awesome for cold running, (I assume), because it has extra pockets to hold tissues, keys, chapstick, etc.  However, about two-thirds through my run I was dying of heat. I had to wrap the jacket around my waist, which resulted in a flapping effect that drove me nuts for the last third of my trip.

2. I reallllllllly need water during my runs. When on the treadmill I can easily tote a water bottle. Not so much with the outdoor run. I’m off to REI tomorrow to pick up a very small hydropack with my dividend check.

3. Puffs on the inhaler before I run are good, puffs during my run are better. I feel like I need a fanny pack to carry my keys, phone, water and inhaler.

4. I need to eat a better pre-run meal before I hit the road. I ate tomato soup and a bagel thin w/cream cheese before hand. Not the best idea. The soup sloshed around for the first two miles, which resulted in a major side-ache. Pre-run on the treadmill is usually some iced coffee and half a banana.

Post-run I re-fueled my body with a very enjoyable green monster,

in my Gonzaga cup.

I spent some time admiring the hubs gardening work in the back yard.

(The hubs built the garden beds himself – so proud!)

(Tulips are coming, tulips are coming!)

Further re-fueling was necessary, and we piled in the truck with friends N & E to hit up the new Gonzaga eatery, The Dawg House. I purchased a Daily Planet coupon a few months back, and was excited to try out their portabella burger. Unfortunately, they were closed! I’m really hoping it isn’t for good, (I mean, really, what burger joint is closed on a Saturday evening?), otherwise I am out a few bucks. We opted for eats at The Elk instead.

(fun fact: The Elk is housed in a building that used to be a Pharmacy, hence the Drugs sign)

The hubs enjoyed a traditional reuben, which I eyed with envy,

and I dove into the sweet spinach and sesame salad (this was a half!),

and the quesadilla w/smoked onion dip.

I’m still sad about the lack of couponing for dinner, but The Elk never disappoints.

What songs should I add or delete from my running list?

What brand of running short should I purchase? I want a zipper pocket and do not want built in undies.


12 thoughts on “running advice, please

  1. Don’t know about the songs or the running shorts – but just thought I’d say that the garden looks really nice. Mom

  2. It’s always so fun hearing about what other people prefer when they are running. I can’t help you with the running shorts because I REQUIRE a liner and won’t buy shorts without one!

    As for your H20 dilemma, I bought a hydration belt, but didn’t like it bouncing around on my hips, so now I carry a hand-held bottle (I like the Nathan Quickdraw Plus and/or Elite). I especially like that it has a zippered pouch so I can carry tissue or chapstick or Gu or my keys or my ID. You MIGHT be able to fit a phone, depending on what you have. I don’t carry a phone when I run.

    Pre-run fuel: PB or almond butter on whole wheat with half a banana sliced on top about 30 minutes before I run if it’s the AM. If it’s the afternoon and I’ve already eaten a bit that day, I like a handful of almonds and some dried dates or figs with a little PB smeared on them.

      • Well, since I imagine that wearing undies WITH the liner would be uncomfortable but I don’t wear undies when I wear shorts with a liner so I’ve never experienced the diaper sensation! I prefer shorts with a liner because I don’t want to run in cotton undies since cotton isn’t wicking, but I also don’t want to run in non-cotton NICER undies because they are NICE and I don’t want to get them all sweaty. The liner on a quality pair of shorts will fit you nicely (not give you a wedgie) and will be moisture-wicking so you don’t chafe and they don’t stick to you. They are almost always uncomfortable when you try them on in-store because you’re wearing undies when you try them on, but once you are running in them (sans undies), they should be pretty comfortable.

      • I wound up buying two pairs with the liner because I couldn’t find any without! Ahhh! I guess I’ll be finding out if I like them 🙂 For non-expensive good undies I get the it-se-bit-se brand at Costco. Six pairs for $9.99 and they are nice quality/moisture wicking.

  3. So many things to say. 😉
    First, The Elk is my hands down favorite restaurant in Spokane. My dinners of choice are either the lamb sandwich or the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich.
    Second, I ran 5 miles in January. The next day I chased a moose in our yard and fell on our icy driveway and wrecked my knee. I STILL can’t run. However, I am signed up for Bloomsday. I’m sort of dreading the idea of having to walk it. :{
    Third, YAY for running Bloomsday!!
    Fourth, Go Zags!
    Fifth, I want your husband to come and build me garden beds. 🙂
    Sixth, Running clothes frustrate me to no end.
    Seventh, I’m hungry for the Elk now. 😉

    • Have you been to the Two-Seven? I like their menu more than The Elk, but now that I don’t live within walking distance, I never make it up the hill. But The Elk patio + summer is the best thing ever. We rode our bikes over there a week or so ago on a nice day in the hopes of sitting on the patio, but it wasn’t set up yet. But all the tables were out last night!
      Bummer about your knee 😦 How long till you’re back in commission?

  4. No recommendation on running shorts; I like stretch capris because they don’t ride and they’re still cool enough. The last few times I’ve run bloomsday I wore capris and they were perfect!

    When Becky and I ran our half marathon I bought the Nathan hydration belt, which comes with a pocket for all of your fannypack needs. 🙂 It was stretchy so I could cinch it up tight enough on my hips that it didn’t bounce; if you don’t do that your arms would rub against the top of the bottles. Becky loves her Amphipod hydration belt and I know it’s one of the top ranked ones, but I think it’s set up more to ride around your waist, and I can’t deal with waist-height bands of any kind. I’d definitely go try both of them on though and take a jog around to see what you like. I went to Fleet Feet in CDA when I was shopping around and have read a few articles, and everyone seems to say that the handheld bottles throw off your gait and make your running uneven. One of the great things about having multiple bottles as well means you can bring some gatorade AND water, even if it does mean you look slightly dorky. 🙂

    Pre-run fuel, if you do eat an actual meal (like tomato soup and bagel) I’d always wait at least an hour. But, like Michelle said, PB and banana were always one of my top choices. I’d generally try to get in some good carbs and protein that was light enough it wouldn’t slosh/sit in my belly.

    Good luck! Sounds like you’ve got a great routine going so far!

    • I need to try out a running belt, I’m glad the place lets people try them out before they buy. I hate buying expensive exercise equipment only to discover I don’t like it! And I totally have no problem looking dorky. Today I ran while dancing, if you can picture that. I just had to. Cowboy Cassonova brings it out in me I guess 😉

  5. I completely agree – running outside is so much more enjoyable than on a treadmill. A major plus is that the scenario actually changes! I tend to overheat when I run outside. So even when it’s 30-something degrees it ends with me in a t-shirt.

    I’ve been feeling v.lazy so it’s motivating to hear about other people exercising. Perhaps one of these days… :O)

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