butter-not squash

Last Monday I posted my meal plan. Said meal plan called for the hubs to make 13 bean mix soup tonight.

Meal plans were meant to be broken.

After consuming a glorious bowl of honey Greek yogurt, nanner and chia seeds,

running to REI to pick up some hydration goodies, (thanks for all the suggestions on yesterday’s post!),

(amphipod 20oz water bottle w/hand strap for medium/long runs)

(Nathan hydropack for extra long runs & bike rides)

and eating leftover black bean polenta casserole, (and perhaps a cookie or two),

the hubs decided to spend the rare sunny weekend afternoon in the backyard, working on the garden, and I decided this bad boy was calling my name.

Thursday evening we didn’t eat the planned butternut squash black bean burritos, so today I decided to whip up a batch of enchiladas with some of the unused ingredients.

Unfortunately, the recipe isn’t quite blogworthy yet. But I did capture some pretty pictures.

wrinkly butterbutts!

The enchiladas were flavorful, but lacked texture. Unless, of course, you consider baby food to be a winning texture.

My salad provided a much needed crunch factor on the side.

I’m off to bed, hopefully getting a good nights rest in prep for my early a.m. dreadmill date.

What is your favorite squash?

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