Because you had a bad day…

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You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around

Today did not go as planned. Not one bit. I hit snooze for an hour. An HOUR!

This didn’t deter me from going to the gym, but it did take a very large chunk out of my planned weight lifting session. But, half a work out is better than no work out.

As I stumbled to the bathroom, phone in hand as an impromptu flashlight, I inadvertantly called one of my besties from high school. I didn’t realize this until I heard the voice mail system’s automated woman letting me know my voice mail had been sent.

Sorry Lackie, I apologize for any unap-pee-ling noises you may have heard when you checked our messages.

After my lackluster work out, and lukewarm shower, I slammed my head into the corner of the paper towel dispenser. At this point it was 7:36 a.m. and I really wished I could go back to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Upon arriving at work I realized I forgot my breakfast. I was really, really bummed about it. I even set myself an “appointment” on my phone, with an alert to remind me 11 minutes after my alarm, (knowing I would hit snooze at least once). But since I hit snooze a ridiculous amount of times, I saw the alert and dismissed it.


So I had a bad day. And I’m taking one* down. But I sang a happy song to turn it around. Don’t Worry, Be Happy to be precise.

*One of what, exactly?

My day steadily improved after that.

Thank goodness for my emergency stash of oats!

I served ’em up in a big o’l mug, which only made me realize how small the serving actually was 😦

Later on, I snacked on some Turkish apricots. I always buy the regular dried apricots, but after tasting these babies I will never go back – delish!

For lunch I polished off the tail end of my Pacific Organics Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato soup with a salad.

Sadly, I always confuse the ingredients in this soup with those in their Butternut Squash soup. This box contains milk, and I neglected to pop a few lactaid pills 😦

Throughout the afternoon I was snack-happy.

By 7:20 p.m. I was really excited to eat dinner. Libb whipped up this vegan black eyed peas recipe, which I un-veganized by adding parmesan cheese.

The dish had a tad of sweetness, which was pleasant, but it was missing something that none of us could quite put our finger on. Well, the boys added bacon, but that wasn’t it.

On the side I enjoyed a side-salad with ranch dressing. I haven’t eaten a salad with ranch in ages, but it really hit the spot!

I am so full right now, (fiber overload!), but I still kind of want some skittles…

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On average, how many times do you hit the snooze button?