You say goodbye, I say hello.

Goodbye to waking up whenever I feel like it…

hello to my alarm blaring at 5:04 a.m.



Goodbye leisurely breakfasts and coffee in mugs…

hello carefully thought out meals, and coffee via to-go cups.

(nanner + a very delicious scone)

(Mexican rice, black beans, onion, green onion, cilantro & tomatoes)

(Lilly’s Roasted Garlic Hummus + veggies)

Goodbye afternoon bike rides by the river…

hello early morning jogs on the dreadmill.


Goodbye computer for youtube, personal email, facebook and blogs…

hello over 100 emails in my work inbox.



Goodbye reading whatever I please…

hello ordering books and supplies for the library.

(This book was published in 1955. Last check out was in 2006. Previous check out in 1992. I think it may need an updated replacement, hmmm)

(Do you think I should order the William & Kate paper dolls too?)

Goodbye eating whatever strikes my fancy…

hello Meal Plan Monday.

As you may recall, one of my favorite Sunday morning rituals is sitting in my family room with my cookbook collection, computer, DVR and a cuppa joe. I carefully plan out a week’s worth of meals, designate who will cook each evening, and which nights are best for leftovers.

Hi, my name is Leila, and I have Type-A personality disorder.

Oh, that’s not a disorder? It should be. I know I am totally crazy.

Right now my goals are to:

  • Finish eating down my freezer. (This will be easier to accomplish after Easter*).
  • Cook double or triple batches of meals & freeze the additional servings for future dinners. (I realize this seems counter productive to my first goal, but I mean eating down the meat/bread situation that has taken over my freezer).
  • Try at least one new meal per week.

*I gave up red meat, chicken and pork for Lent.

Since this is something I enjoy creating so much, I decided to make it a regular feature on the blog. I could easily post this on Sunday, but I like alliteration, so Meal Plan Monday it is.

This weeks lineup:

Monday (Leila) Kale and Tomato pasta + salad

I just finished eating this. It wasn’t amazing, in fact it was rather bland.

The salad was enjoyable, however.

Tuesday (Libb: Live-in-basement-brother for you newbies):


  • Leftover Kale and Tomato Pasta + salad

Thursday (Leila):

  • Roasted mushroom & butternut squash black bean burritos

Friday (Libb):


Sunday (Tim):

  • 13 Bean Mix Soup + cornbread + salad


Do you meal plan?

How do you organize your plan? (weekly, monthly, bulk cooking, couponing, CSA Box, etc.)