I need to hire a maid.

How many of you participate in Spring Cleaning?

I wish I did not.

Tuesday I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning.

Today I spent 4 more.


I do, however, have a rather clean house to show for all my time. But that is not how I intended to spent my spring break.

I really wanted to relax.

And make treats.

And read.

None of the above happened. However, I did host Champagne Thursday tonight, which really exhausted Rilo.


So since my day was filled with cleaning, I don’t really have any fun foodie meals to share with you. However, my friend Kelly is debuting today on Once a Month Mom as the new whole foods contributor!

I am so excited to try out her Mexican Verde Casserole, Salsa Verde, and Homemade Tortillas!

What is your favorite “whole foods” meal?