Warning: disk space low

Not a warning a blogger likes to receive as she attempts to upload photos to her iPhoto library.


It asked me if I would like to continue. Ummm, yes.

I mean I only have 9,425 photos stored in iPhoto. Not too many, right?

How was your hump day? Mine had no theme. It was all over the place. Yesterday I made plans to hit the gym with my friends in the a.m., but today when I woke up I was stiff, stiff, stiff. After canceling my plans, and resting my legs on my heating pad, I decided to dust off* the ‘ol yoga mat and get my stretch on.

Anastasia, my yoga session this morning was for you.

*Total lie. The yoga mat had not, in fact, collected dust. I still hadn’t unwrapped it from its original packaging. I bought it in, wait for it, October.

I unrolled my yoga mat,

Ok Anastasia, I don’t have a matching water bottle, but I do have matching nails

and tank top!

browsed my options,

and settled on YogaWorks Beginners Yoga.

It was okay, but really, really slow. I’ve only attempted yoga once before, and it was a miserable experience (via DVD), so I didn’t have a lot to judge it against. But I did learn a few things:

1) you need a lot of room to do yoga.

I moved my coffee table out of the way, unrolled my mat, and had what I thought was ample room all around the mat. I was wrong. I kept running into the couches 😦

2) It is really hard to see the screen while doing yoga via the television. I think it would be much easier to learn in a class when I could look left or right to the person next to me to make sure I am doing a move correctly, rather than shifting my body and turning my head upward, which inevitably breaks my “flow,” to determine if I am positioned correctly.

3) Rilo has no interest in bugging me while I get my yoga on.

After finishing, I promptly took her on a walk.

Afterward I booked it over to Saunders Cheese Market to get my cheese on. After parking I was quickly accosted by a rather inebriated woman asking me where I got my hair done. I tried to give her the information, but she kept trying to send an email rather than entering the information into the contact screen. Sorry Kim for any drunk dials you may receive in the next day or two. But I do agree, I do have fabulous hair. 😉

Why did I hit up Saunders twice in the past two weeks? I’m working up a new piece for Foodbeat NW! Stay tuned, cheesy goodness is on its way.

A few sneak peeks…

Ok, maybe a little cheesy goodness now too.

Following cheese, Libb and I went north slightly to meet Michael, owner of Foodbeat NW, at Post Street Ale House.

Michael and I have only conversed via email and phone until today. It was so nice to place a face to the name – hi Michael! For all you Northwest folks, head over to facebook and “like” the Foodbeat NW page. Fairly soon their website will be up and running, but until then you can receive all your local foodie news via their facebook page.

Also exciting, Post Street Ale House is offering ALL food items on their menu for HALF OFF during the month of April.

Clearly I was excited.

Libb came too, but he wasn’t as thrilled as I was.

As our bellies were full of cheese, we weren’t hungry for a real meal. We settled on fries, which are your standard frozen variety. Nothing amazing….but the fry sauce. Divine. The fries are really a vehicle to get this mustard ale sauce in my mouth, so I won’t fault Post Street for their lackluster fried taters.

Especially not when they’re half off.

And also on their menu, a wedge salad.

I haven’t tried on yet, but don’t tell Claire.

What is your favorite cheese?