I have two pieces of food related news to share with you all.

First, I spotted this at the grocery store today:

Is this really what Americans feed their children? Gross.

Second, I figured out a way to make tofu not taste, well, like tofu*. At least not as much.

*aka maggot-like, as described by Libb.

I don’t have a recipe, as it was a what’s in the fridge? type situation.

In the mix:



Bell pepper

Baby Bella mushrooms


Bean sprouts

I thew the above into a heated pan with some olive oil. I reduced the pan with some Sauv Blanc, and added the following goodies:

ginger, lemon grass, soy sauce & sweet red chili sauce

Meanwhile I cooked up some brown rice and roasted a block of pressed and diced tofu (marinated in the same goodies pictured above) for 30 minutes at 350. After the tofu finished I added it to the veggies, stirred em up, let em sit for a few minutes to soak up the juices and then topped my brown rice.

Not too shabby.

What is your favorite way to prepare tofu?