Ede-more please.

Tonight was the ever-famous Champagne Thursday.

During my graduate program, every Thursday evening was dedicated to Champagne Thursday, a time to gather round bubbly and nibbles, (all potluck style), and relax.

You should really implement Champagne Thursday in your life. Like right now.

We haven’t had a Champagne Thursday in quite some time. January 20th to be exact. And while January 20th was declared National Cheese Lover’s Day, March 31st was not. I didn’t have a foodie inspired “holiday” to direct my potluck side-dish for the evening, and instead decided to investigate my fridge in hopes of cobbling up something worthy of presentation.

I found lots of produce, quite a few condiments, and a nearly full container of garbanzo beans. Hummus it was. But not without a few tweaks.

Last weekend I spied this “NEW PRODUCT!” bag of shelled edemame at Safeway. Taking advantage of the introductory price, I quickly grabbed a bag, unsure what I would do with it*.

*aside from eat it straight up with sea salt, of course.

Edamame + garbanzo beans? Yes, it works. Do it.

This recipe is dedicated to my friend, Kammie. Who just wanted to know the ingredients, because she cooks like I do: tell me what you used, I’ll figure out the rest from there. But in case you aren’t like Kammie, or myself, this recipe if for you too.



1 1/2 cups garbanzo beans, (rinsed & drained if from a can)

1/2 cup thawed shelled edamame

1~ tsp. Cholula, tobasco, or other hot sauce of your choice

1 tsp. prepared wasabi

2 tsp lemon grass via tube, (or sub half lemon grass stalk)

2 tsp olive oil

3 cloves garlic

2 tsp tahini

sea salt, or lemon sea salt, to taste


Add all ingredients to food processor. Mince until processed thoroughly. Add water until desired consistency is reached.

Enjoy with carrots, celery, bell pepper slices, or straight up with a spoon.

Or your finger. I won’t judge, promise.

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