Like most people, I thrive on routine. Lately my routine has been thrown off due to conference week. Yes, I am probably the only librarian you’ll meet that does parent-teacher conferences.

How do I handle late nights + lack of sleep?

No water soy chai’s + petite vanilla scones,

50% off Amy’s frozen meals (if you must go frozen, you must go Amy’s),

giggling at advertising techniques on my commute home,

breaking out the “white girl” dance moves for spontaneous dance parties with my students in the hallway and backing out of drive-through lines with my co-worker when we’ve already ordered, only to pass the order box and have the girl inside ask if she can take our order.  Tears erupting as we laugh and say, “no thanks, we’re good,” and continue on our way.

Yes, I’m loopy, and am very ready for Saturday, when I can sleep in. But I’m happy to report I’ve powered through and only have one conference left.

How do you power through when you’re lacking sleep and energy?

9 thoughts on “Loopty-loo-Leila

  1. Oooh conferences…and I fear for what might happen if Loopy Leila met Loopy Me (not as alliterative, sadly).

    Safeway (or Randall’s here in Texas) must have been ON this week, because I found Total Greek yogurt in the clearance endcap…love it!

  2. It’s been so ling since I’ve had an Amy’s bowl. I think I ODed on them and needed a break 😉

    I hope you get some rest lady! I don’t power through lack of rest. I crash. Sleep is so crucial for me, I am so lucky that I don’t have anything going on that keeps me going on no sleep. Wait, I will have that in a few weeks from now wont I? Aggghhhh!! Well, let me get back to you on that question then 😉

  3. You do conferences? I thought they didn’t do them in MS, let alone a librarian like you. I may need more info on this, friend. 🙂

    Sidenote, I looked at your blog on my iPad the other day and it looked totally different and super cool. I thought you changed your theme, but then on the computer it looked the same. I can’t figure it out!

    • My school is the only MS in the district that does conferences. Our goal is 100% attendance and I think we were at 85% in the fall. Pretty crazy, eh? I teach an advisory class once a week, so I have 17 kiddos. I oversee their conferences. Everyone in the school has an advisory class (including the counselors & admin), so we all take part in parent-teacher conferences.
      I have the blog optimized for mobile viewing…wonder if wordpress thinks the iPad is a mobile device? Odd.

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