Weightless Wednesday

If you’re new to my blog you’ve probably noticed the weigh-in tab on the top. You might also be wondering why I haven’t added to it in a few weeks. This is because I haven’t weighed in in 3 weeks, as part of my NEDAwareness post series.

But more than that, I just needed a break! It was causing me way too much stress on Tuesday evenings. Thoughts like what if I gained last week? and I need to watch my salt consumption so I don’t retain water tomorrow were running through my head. I’ve been down that road before, and I have no intention of going back. So while I like checking in once a week for myself, I decided I don’t like posting it on the blog.

And while the break has been nice, I am a creature of habit, thrive on routine, and kind of miss my weekly weigh-ins. I’m a walking contradiction, I know. I’m totally indecisive, which is really counterproductive to my type-A (leaning) personality. I used to think I was a type-B person, but going to grad school forced the realization that I am totally anal, neurotic, set in my ways type-A.

So, will I return to my weekly weigh-ins? I don’t know. Time will tell I suppose.

I can tell you, however, what I am currently visually lusting over:

Special Stuffed Mushrooms

(which is for a virtual baby shower – such a cute idea!)

East Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas

Spring Pea Dip

Homemade Yogurt

Muffin Tops

(They totally remind me of Seinfeld, not the kind above your jeans!)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Chai Tea Creme Brulee

Breakfast Creme Brulee

Yes, that would be two creme brulees I want to eat.

Thin Mint Cake Tops

Blueberry Mint Lemonaid

Can it please be summer yet?!

I can’t wait until Spring Break so I can whip up some of these impressive looking treats at my leisure.

What are you visually lusting over?