Snack Attack

I log the majority of my meals in an online food diary over at My Fitness Pal.

If you’re trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight it is a site worth checking out. I really like it because it has a ridiculously large database that is both site and user-generated. I’ve even found Gina’s Skinny Taste recipes in there!

One fabulous feature is the “recipe” function. You can create a new recipe, enter how many servings there are, and then use their database to add all the ingredients. I used to open a table in a word doc (I don’t know how to use Excel!), open and add up all the totals myself. The My Fitness Pal recipe creator is so much easier!

Another nice feature is the ability to look back at what I’ve eaten in the past, including a breakdown by meals and frequency. If you’re a nerd like me, this is a really fun feature. I can look back at what caused a stomach ache, how something gave me a ton of energy, if I’m drinking enough water, etc.

So today I noticed my friend Natalie, over at The Bobby Pin, is giving away 5 pairs of Vedette shapeware.

Wait, why is this in the middle of a post about logging your food, Leila

Hear me out. Natalie is giving these away because she tried them out of curiosity. To enter her giveaway you need to leave a comment about what makes you curious.

After assessing what I am curious about, I determined one of  thing is how I’ve been eating. I don’t post a photo of everything I eat on the blog. I just don’t have the time/energy to photograph everything, so it just doesn’t happen. But I log pretty much all my Monday-Friday meals, and occasionally the weekends.

So I was curious about what my top 10 snacks are. Are you?

Top 10 snacks:

1. Bananas

2. Hummus

3. Dried Apricots

4. Baby Carrots

5. Celery

6. Apples

7. Skittles – crazy cores

8. Chobani Greek yogurt

9. Red bell pepper

10. Luna protein bar

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it didn’t kill me. What did I learn about my snack attacks? I’m a lover of fruit and veggies w/hummus that are easily portable. I also love a good protein fix (chobani and luna bars). But mostly I learned my blog name reflects how I really eat.

Skittles made the top ten. Awesome.

In related news, today’s snack was, dun, dun, dun, you guessed it, hummus w/baby carrots.

But it was totally un-fulfilling. I needed junk food, and surprisingly not the crazy core variety.

Actual text message between the hubs and myself, 4:21 pm:

me: I want kookaburra

hubs: I’ll get you some

me: I don’t know where, other than Yokes and Rosauers

hubs: I know where to get it. I got hookups.

me: Ok. Thanks. I want sourdough bread too

me: And junk food.

me: And a nap.

hubs: Any other vice?

me: Ummm no, I think I covered all my vices for today.

I didn’t really expect kookaburra and sourdough bread to appear, as we don’t live near a store that sells it. But sure to his word the hubs arrived with both of my vices:

And this!

After 9 years of slinging girl scout cookies, I dove into this box with pure nostalgic joy!

What is your number 1 (or top ten!) snack(s)?