Everybody dance now.

Guess who chose an alarm that was only reoccurring on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings?

That would be me.

Guess who wishes she wasn’t celebrating the Zags win last night as much as she did?

Also me.

Guess who wasn’t organized in normal-fashion this morning?

Still me.

Oatfit again made its presence known for breakfast.

Chobani followed soon after.

For lunch I brought what I thought was a bean, rice, veggie and cheese burrito, only to discover chicken was an ingredient as well. Sonofab. March Madness, I blame you.

Luckily I had a can of soup stashed on my shelf for such emergencies.

It wasn’t amazing or anything, in fact it was rather sweet, but it did fill me up.

On the side I had a multi-grain english muffin with a laughing cow wedge.

Later on I snacked on an apple, prepping myself for the madness that is chaperoning a middle school dance.

We have a school rule that students cannot attend the dances if they have any unpaid library fines or overdue books. You would be amazed how many books I received back today. Amazed. And amazed by the number of parents who left work to go home, find said books, and bring them to school. Wow.

Since the dance was St. Patty’s themed, I figured that even though the day when everyone is Irish has passed, I could still show you a picture of that Reuben Maddness bracket I told y’all about on Wednesday.

Cute, no? I nabbed the paper before it hit the recycling bin just so I could get a photo for y’all. Or maybe just for myself, because I find a food bracket to be quite pleasing.

I arrived home a short while ago and immediately started snacking on my adzuki bean chips.

I’m contemplating what to do about dinner. Middle school dances exhaust me, I kind of want to order take-in, but I can only think of pizza as an option. Hmmm…

While I decide what I’m going to do, here’s your fashion Friday installment for the week.

Monday was way cuter in my head.

Tuesday was all about the comfort


Thursday, everyone loves an Irish girl.

Friday, school spirit style.

In non-foodie related news, my friend Amy is starting student teaching on Monday. Nerve-wracking! I know there are quite a few teachers who read my blog, so if you are one what is your number one piece of advice for student teaching

Mine is: Be consistent – with everything! Remember, you aren’t their friend, you’re their teacher. If they get upset with you for being an enforcer of classroom rules/expectation they are really just upset with themselves, don’t take it personally!