Chicks happen

My day started off with some forgotten spinach pancakes,

coffee and a pomegranate chobani.

A few weeks back I mentioned I was going to start strength training again. And I did. I also mentioned I had two free sessions with a personal trainer, and that I would be cashing in on them. Then I never spoke of them again. It wasn’t because I was being a flakey blogster, (although I have promised many a recipe that haven’t appeared yet, patience my blogets, patience.), the Y just didn’t have an opening until today.

Last night I almost canceled, and not just because I was at the happiest hour. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it. A few years back I had a negative experience with a trainer, (who insisted I eat only 1200 calories a day and scoffed at the idea that I could lose weight at 1800-2200. I guess I showed him, as I’ve lost 11 pounds so far at this calorie range), so I was apprehensive about throwing myself into this potential situation again.

But I didn’t cancel. I drove to the gym at 10:10 am, and arrived with a few minutes to spare, (and nabbed the only real spot in the parking lot). I checked in at the front desk, found out where I needed to meet my trainer, planted myself at the appropriate station and waited. And waited. And waited. The cardio area was packed, and I spotted one trainer on the floor. I tried to read her name tag, but my contacts didn’t provide me the strength necessary.

Finally the trainer, along with two trainees, arrived at the wellness station. She apologized for running (15 minutes) late, and tried to wrap up her previous session. Her trainees didn’t get the hint that they were robbing me of my training time, and continued to ask a plethora of questions. Needless to say, we were not off to a good start.

A few minutes later we set off…to an office. I filled out an information sheet, (which I had already filled out), and answered all of her questions. Then we did a body analysis, (I am in the healthy range for weight/body fat and could drink more water. Nothing I didn’t already know, haha). And that was it. Apparently the first “training” session is a get-to-know-you type thing, like an awkward first date where you feel self conscious about all your short comings, (while wearing no make-up, talking about your body fat and diet no less), and not even the joy of a cocktail to lighten the mood.

Sigh. I wish Laury lived here so she could be my trainer.

Had I been told this would be the first session’s format I would have gotten to the gym earlier to actually work out. Unfortunately I wasn’t informed, and by the time I finished my appointment I couldn’t stay any longer. I had chicks to buy!

After a quick pit stop at my favorite store,

and some car snacks: pom lychee green tea,

dried apricots, mixed nuts, and a think thin lemon bar,

which at first reminded me of the lemon girl scout cookies. But after the first bite it tasted like chalk coated in lemon.

I only ate half, blah.

Then it was on to Big R,

which really does have anything you could possibly need.

From wranglers to garden creatures,

anti monkey butt powder,

and salted nut rolls.

Which I used to buy every time I visited my dad’s office as a child. So gross, why did I like them?!

But we were there for the chicks.

I was really excited to pick out our little ones.

And you know I’ll be entering the chick house peepstakes.

Once home we set our chicks up in their new pad,

and assembled a sunflower butter + honey sammie.

Later on I tried to find a meatless main dish that the boys wouldn’t turn their noses up at. I think the hubs has already OD’d on black beans…and we’re only 3 days into Lent. We had 5 bell peppers, so I tried to find a good vegetarian stuffed pepper recipe. Not interested by anything I found, I decided to whip up a batch to my liking.

And they were quite tasty.

I thought about making a salad, but decided we had plenty of veggies in our stuffed peppers, so I opted for only La Brea multi-grain bread on the side.


So, what should I name my chicks?

8 thoughts on “Chicks happen

  1. Which BigR did you go to? The one on Trent? If so, it is so close to my house! I went there last Sunday and looked at the Chicks. I didn’t buy any…but did get a book on raising chickens. I am kind of torn right now on if we are going to do them. Our dogs will be an issue, so I have to make sure we build a coop that is very secure. I am also really concerned about what to do if/when we leave town. So I think I might hold off a year (and then I can see how it goes for you and Tim) and maybe by next year we will have things figured out.

  2. We went to the one on Trent. I was wondering if that was near you guys. We’re probably going to have to get a chicken run to keep Rilo away from them. She is very, very interested in them because they peep. She thinks they are toys. Hahaha. That is one advantage to having Jake live with us, he watches our animals when we go out of town ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Well we were in your neighborhood today…had to try The Flying Goat after hearing all the awesome reviews of it. It did not disappoint! Stan even became a member of the mug club! The pizza was AMAZING. Probably one of the best pizza’s we have ever had ๐Ÿ™‚

      Our pups love birds…a little too much. I have found them in the backyard “playing” with baby birds before…more like terrorizing them. Not sure how they are able to catch them…

  3. Awww wish you lived closer too I would be your trainer ๐Ÿ™‚

    That sucks you were disappointed with the first sesh. I always tell clients over the phone if we are not doing a real “session” first time. I usually email them all the forms ahead, then ask them if they want to do the awkward testing. My philosophy is people usually know they are out of shape, or need to lose fat, either that or they just want to get stronger so if they dont want me prodding at them, no problem. If they like to measure results, I will do it…but you can usually tell as time goes on strength and changes. Sometimes its not motivating for clients to take body fat and see how many push ups they can do….those times i skip it. Sure you were in good shape, just wanted to get into strength training like you said. Usually at gyms though the “free” sessions are bogus. Just a sesh so they can do all that tell you what you need to improve on and sell you more.

    Anyway, your chicks are SO cute! I am trying to think of a famous group or something you can name them?? Like after your fav band or movie/book characters (like if I were a teenager, or now, I’d name them Edward, Bella, Jacob and Jasper, etc hahah) so cheesy but who cares ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yeah, I should have figured I would be doing something along those lines. I guess I just had my hopes up for more ๐Ÿ˜‰

      We decided on Lucy and Ethel for the two reddish ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Still trying to name the other two!

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