Fashion Friday: TFIG!

I’ve never been more TG’d for an IF than I have this week! It was a rough one, and I thought Friday would never come. But it’s here, and I am thrilled!

This morning also started out rough, and I hit snooze a good five times before I finally accepted my fate and arose from my slumber. I contemplated skipping my elliptical date with Erica, but since I skipped Wednesday and Thursday (and felt crappy both days as a result), I decided I should just get up and go. Even though I had to shave 15 minutes off my workout, I’m glad I went. I felt refreshed and energized afterward, which set me off for a better day than had I not gone.

Although I almost died. Well, not literally, but a gal’s CHI straightening iron caught on fire at the Y this morning! While in a state of undress I noticed sparks flying all over the place, and heard a few gasps mixed with shocked screams. She wasn’t hurt too badly, but jeebus, it was nerve wracking! I was a little afraid to blow dry my hair and use my CHI afterward!

Upon arriving to work I dipped into my emergency stash of Oatfit. I completely neglected packing my breakfast and lunch last night, so I had to spend the day eating whatever I could create from my desk drawer and mini-fridge.

Not amazing, or anything even close, but it did the trick. I used to really enjoy this cheap-o, easily portable breakfast. But now that I’ve cut splenda/aspertame from my diet I really notice when it is used in products. After I finish my ridiculously large collection of Oatfit boxes I am going to only purchase non-artificial sweetener packets for my emergency stash.

Lunch was slightly more satisfying, (and I finished my pre-Lent purchased deli meat).

Pacific Organics Butternut Squash soup, turkey sammie on Thomas multi-grain English muffin (with laughing cow wedge and dijon), plus the largest apple I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and some Pellegrino. Which did add some sparkle to my afternoon, (the only festivity I had planned).

After reading a snipit in The Inlander about Agave‘s wonderful happy hour, I decided we needed to partake. I guess I did have some fun festivities up my sleeve today.

It is the happiest hour.

Agave has a 4321 menu, which includes 12 food items, 3 at each price point, ($4, $3, $2, & $1). Their drinks are also at the same price points.

The hubs was very sad he could not partake in the ancho chicken or pork belly eats, as we’ve given up meat for Lent. But I don’t think he needs to worry, we’ll definitely be back in 38 days or so.

After our friends Erica and Nate arrived, we ordered a fun assortment of appetizers…

Sweet potato fries, which originally drew me in at their $1 price!

A cheese quesadilla, which wasn’t amazing, but the tortilla’s come from DeLeon’s, which is the closest you’ll get to authentic Mexican food in Spokane.

A prickly-pear salad (with blue cheese, pears, pepitas, jicama, tomatoes, and spring greens). I will definitely be recreating this at home.

And jalapeño*-tequila edemame, which was oh so tasty.

*which was spelled jolopeno and jalopeno in a few different spots on our first menu. Our waitress swapped our menu’s out with an “updated” menu. Upon inspecting the new menu we didn’t see any foodie differences, but after I uploaded my pictures I noticed the spelling mistakes must have been the issue.

While it looks like quite a bit of food, the portions were pretty small. Not that I am complaining, you can’t expect much from the $1-4 price range. I may be whipping up some butternut squash burritos in a while….

And without further ado, here is this weeks Fashion Friday:

Monday: totally forgot to take off my badge and I still need to shine my boots.

Tuesday: I really need a new (smaller) black belt.

Wednesday’s outfit was cuter in theory than in reality.

Thursday: rockin’ those red pumps!

Friday: school spirit polka dots!

We’re about to watch Toy Story 3 🙂

What is your favorite animated film?

For me, as a kid at least, it was The Little Mermaid.