Fashion [First] Friday

Tonight we hit downtown for First Friday. I haven’t been in quite a while, as freezing weather and I don’t get along. However, I was browsing the lineup for March and noticed The French Quarter was on the list.

The French Quarter? Hmmm, I’m intrigued, what is that?


After a quick google search I discovered it is a shop combining 3 of my favorite things: wine, chocolate and pasta. Ummm, how did I not know this existed?!

I planned our route along the Adams Street area, which put Barrister Winery as our first stop of the night.

It was packed! I love Barrister, and if you guessed correctly, yes, it was created by lawyers. Two retired ones, to be exact. I had sipped their wine before, but hadn’t actually been to the winery until we sent Tanica off in style.

If I weren’t already married I would definitely consider using this space to hold a reception. Their catering is done by Beacon Hill, and while everything looked tasty, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for.

I really want to purchase the birch tree photograph, but it is $450, and I just can’t justify that much money for a picture at this moment in time. Even if my mantel needs some company.

At one point I excused myself to use the restroom, only to discover a shower was in the public potty area…complete with shampoo! Really?

How odd!

I also took the opportunity to do a photo opp with an elephant.

However, I wasn’t an arse, like some patrons, who HUNG themselves UPSIDE DOWN from the elephants arms. Seriously. I almost went into full teacher mode and scolded them, as I was appalled that no one from the winery escorted them outside. But I was in so much shock it just didn’t happen.

After Barrister we hoofed it over to The French Quarter. I was excited to try the Gilbert Cellars Claret,and the Airfield Estates Bombshell Red.

I spent my high school years in Yakima, where Gilbert Cellars is located. Obviously I couldn’t participate in tastings then, but I make up for it now. Gilbert Cellars vino is divine. And I’ve been to Airfield Estates quite a few times, as it is only a hop, skip, and a jump from Yakima.

Inside I was pleased to find a wine + chocolate tasting.

Cute chocolate star plates, no?

I was very pleased with the Key Lime Chocolate, which is very amusing to me. I love Key lime pie. I enjoy high quality chocolate. I do not like fruit + chocolate combos. But this combination? Divine!

Lots of interesting pasta situations graced their west wall…

However, neither of my wineries were featured tonight. No worries, the wines available were very tasty.

I didn’t sit, as the only chairs available were hair stations.

The French Quarter is located inside a hair salon, which is why I never noticed it before. But the owners, and their friends, were so much fun! And they were happy to answer all of my questions about pasta and chocolate. 🙂

While tonight’s outfit is totes adorbs, if I do say so myself, and I do, the beginning of the week wasn’t!

Monday: t-shirt and jeans!?! Say whaaaa?

There is a reason for that. Monday was “tobacco t-shirt” day, where 19 staff members and 20 students wore shirts with numbers on them. The numbers corresponded with tobacco facts. We were given a list of statistics, facts and resources and encouraged to educate the students about tobacco after they inevitably asked what the numbers stood for.

Care to guess what my number represents?

Tuesday was much cuter. I got this Halogen cardi a few weeks ago at The Rack and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I heart olive green! It’s funny, I received so many compliments on my outfit and how slender* I looked. Yet in pictures I feel like I look rather stumpy. Darn wide-leg pants!

I think the first pic highlights my pants better, and the second highlights the color of my cardi better, so you get both.

*Actual word used was skinny. I detest the word skinny and do not take it as a complement, so I am replacing it with slender, which still kind of gets under my skin. However, lately one co-worker has been telling me I look so healthy and I am glowing. I prefer these words to complement someone much more!

Wednesday featured my favorite sweater (Banana Republic). I love this sweater because it isn’t bunchy like sweaters always are. And horizontal stripes that don’t widen me? Score!

Hmmm, my boots need to be shined…

Thursday…well you already read about my Thursday. My outfit really didn’t come together at all. But I always set my outfit out the night before, (actually, I pack it in my gym bag, even though I know I never actually go to the gym on Thursday mornings…I like it to be an option just in case), and I never spend any extra effort picking out something different, even if the ‘fit doesn’t look quite right. Sigh. I can afford to be low-maintenance about some things.

And back to today. Cute, no?

Sorry bout the facial expression. My co-worker is forced into taking my picture, at lunch, on a daily basis. She makes me strike a pose each day as payment. Some days the only decent photo is one where I look like an idiot 😉

What is your confidence outfit?