Ede-more please.

Tonight was the ever-famous Champagne Thursday.

During my graduate program, every Thursday evening was dedicated to Champagne Thursday, a time to gather round bubbly and nibbles, (all potluck style), and relax.

You should really implement Champagne Thursday in your life. Like right now.

We haven’t had a Champagne Thursday in quite some time. January 20th to be exact. And while January 20th was declared National Cheese Lover’s Day, March 31st was not. I didn’t have a foodie inspired “holiday” to direct my potluck side-dish for the evening, and instead decided to investigate my fridge in hopes of cobbling up something worthy of presentation.

I found lots of produce, quite a few condiments, and a nearly full container of garbanzo beans. Hummus it was. But not without a few tweaks.

Last weekend I spied this “NEW PRODUCT!” bag of shelled edemame at Safeway. Taking advantage of the introductory price, I quickly grabbed a bag, unsure what I would do with it*.

*aside from eat it straight up with sea salt, of course.

Edamame + garbanzo beans? Yes, it works. Do it.

This recipe is dedicated to my friend, Kammie. Who just wanted to know the ingredients, because she cooks like I do: tell me what you used, I’ll figure out the rest from there. But in case you aren’t like Kammie, or myself, this recipe if for you too.



1 1/2 cups garbanzo beans, (rinsed & drained if from a can)

1/2 cup thawed shelled edamame

1~ tsp. Cholula, tobasco, or other hot sauce of your choice

1 tsp. prepared wasabi

2 tsp lemon grass via tube, (or sub half lemon grass stalk)

2 tsp olive oil

3 cloves garlic

2 tsp tahini

sea salt, or lemon sea salt, to taste


Add all ingredients to food processor. Mince until processed thoroughly. Add water until desired consistency is reached.

Enjoy with carrots, celery, bell pepper slices, or straight up with a spoon.

Or your finger. I won’t judge, promise.


Like most people, I thrive on routine. Lately my routine has been thrown off due to conference week. Yes, I am probably the only librarian you’ll meet that does parent-teacher conferences.

How do I handle late nights + lack of sleep?

No water soy chai’s + petite vanilla scones,

50% off Amy’s frozen meals (if you must go frozen, you must go Amy’s),

giggling at advertising techniques on my commute home,

breaking out the “white girl” dance moves for spontaneous dance parties with my students in the hallway and backing out of drive-through lines with my co-worker when we’ve already ordered, only to pass the order box and have the girl inside ask if she can take our order.  Tears erupting as we laugh and say, “no thanks, we’re good,” and continue on our way.

Yes, I’m loopy, and am very ready for Saturday, when I can sleep in. But I’m happy to report I’ve powered through and only have one conference left.

How do you power through when you’re lacking sleep and energy?

Weekend update

How is it already 6:39 p.m. on Sunday?

I totally skipped out on posting yesterday, and I can’t make any guarantees for how many posts I’ll be able to publish this week. I’m in the midst of writing my first-ever grant, and it is quite the arduous process. Between that and this being conference week I can make no promises in the blog department.

So I’ll leave you with a little weekend update, mostly via pictures.

Friday night I attended the 4th annual Gift of Golf fundraiser.

And although my friend Jenny told me the dress code was jeans and a cute top, I decided a wine tasting was the perfect excuse to wear this little dress I’ve been waiting to debut.

With my favorite, too tall to teach comfortably in, Cole Haan boots.

Upon arriving we purchased some raffle tickets.

And I won! Not the grand prize of 2 rounds of golf + overnight accommodations at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, but I did win See’s chocolate. My friend Karen won a $25 gift card to O’Dohrety’s Irish Grille and Marla won a hat 😉

I must have been starving, because after I finished eating I noticed I completely neglected to take a photo of the spread. Tons of local restaurants donated food, and Celebrations donated cupcakes! I did not neglect a cupcake photo-op!

No, I did not devour two cupcakes, although I totally could have. The hubs enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter one, and I nibbled away at the cherry.

Saturday involved a lot of errands and cleaning for me, and raised garden bed making for the hubs.

One errand was a trip to Celebrations to pick up happy hour cupcakes, when all cupcakes are $1. Unfortunately, I got the date wrong for happy hour cupcakes, but it didn’t stop me from walking out with a few!

The champagne cupcake has edible sparkles on it!


I decided appetizers for dinner would be the perfect complement to the Lady Zags game that evening. Who, by the way, are the first 11 seed team to make it to the Elite Eight – Go Zags!

To complete my appetizer menu I hit up my local fromage shop, Saunders.

I walked away with 4 tasty selections, courtesy of our friend Kate, and assembled quite the vegetarian friendly spread.

Cheese board

Vegetarian meatballs + homemade marinara

These tasted nothing like meatballs. They actually tasted like a Morningstar Farms veggie burger. Not exactly what I thought I would be biting into.

Artichoke + jalapeño dip


And LaBrea bread

Today I added leftover bruchetta and truffle cheese to my scrambled eggs. It was a brilliant idea. I gobbled them right up.

I’d tell you more, but wordpress is being a pita. It took me over an hour to write this much. Arrgh!

What is your favorite appetizer?

Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday.

Yesterday was Thursday. Thursday.

Today it is Friday. Friday.

We, we, we so excited.  We so excited. We gonna have a ball today.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

And Sunday comes afterwards.

You know you want to sing along.

And correct her grammar.

Today’s brekkie was quite the fruitful situation:

Oats, vanilla coconut milk, blueberries, peaches, chia seeds & cinnamon.

For a snack I tried out a new, introductory price of 79 cents, Greek yogurt.

It was thicker than any Greek yogurt I’ve ever had. This is the honey flavor, and it wasn’t sweet at all. It was, dare I say, the perfect Greek yogurt! I will definitely be purchasing more of these bad boys before April 5th, when the price goes up. And, crazy, crazy, Open Nature is Safeway’s own brand.

The nutritional stats are pretty good too.

Lunch was a mealy, tasteless apple and a Hugh Jass salad.

Spinach, roasted bell pepper, green onion, tomato, goat cheese, cherry flavored craisins, garbanzo beans and homemade dressing.

Upon returning home I snacked on half a burlatta with Fage plain yogurt.

Tonight I’m getting all gussied up for the Gift of Golf fundraiser. My friend, who is a teacher at the school I student taught at, is putting on the event with her boyfriend. A bunch of teachers from my old school will be there. I can’t wait to see everyone and catch up! Recap on all things food & drink tomorrow 🙂

And here is your Fashion Friday installment of the week:


This outfit also included the most comfy tights ever!



Totally forgot my camera on Thursday…


(I had to take it myself for a variety of reasons, meh)

Do you have any fun plans for Friday, Friday?

Weightless Wednesday

If you’re new to my blog you’ve probably noticed the weigh-in tab on the top. You might also be wondering why I haven’t added to it in a few weeks. This is because I haven’t weighed in in 3 weeks, as part of my NEDAwareness post series.

But more than that, I just needed a break! It was causing me way too much stress on Tuesday evenings. Thoughts like what if I gained last week? and I need to watch my salt consumption so I don’t retain water tomorrow were running through my head. I’ve been down that road before, and I have no intention of going back. So while I like checking in once a week for myself, I decided I don’t like posting it on the blog.

And while the break has been nice, I am a creature of habit, thrive on routine, and kind of miss my weekly weigh-ins. I’m a walking contradiction, I know. I’m totally indecisive, which is really counterproductive to my type-A (leaning) personality. I used to think I was a type-B person, but going to grad school forced the realization that I am totally anal, neurotic, set in my ways type-A.

So, will I return to my weekly weigh-ins? I don’t know. Time will tell I suppose.

I can tell you, however, what I am currently visually lusting over:

Special Stuffed Mushrooms

(which is for a virtual baby shower – such a cute idea!)

East Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas

Spring Pea Dip

Homemade Yogurt

Muffin Tops

(They totally remind me of Seinfeld, not the kind above your jeans!)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Chai Tea Creme Brulee

Breakfast Creme Brulee

Yes, that would be two creme brulees I want to eat.

Thin Mint Cake Tops

Blueberry Mint Lemonaid

Can it please be summer yet?!

I can’t wait until Spring Break so I can whip up some of these impressive looking treats at my leisure.

What are you visually lusting over?

Snack Attack

I log the majority of my meals in an online food diary over at My Fitness Pal.

If you’re trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight it is a site worth checking out. I really like it because it has a ridiculously large database that is both site and user-generated. I’ve even found Gina’s Skinny Taste recipes in there!

One fabulous feature is the “recipe” function. You can create a new recipe, enter how many servings there are, and then use their database to add all the ingredients. I used to open a table in a word doc (I don’t know how to use Excel!), open Calorieking.com and add up all the totals myself. The My Fitness Pal recipe creator is so much easier!

Another nice feature is the ability to look back at what I’ve eaten in the past, including a breakdown by meals and frequency. If you’re a nerd like me, this is a really fun feature. I can look back at what caused a stomach ache, how something gave me a ton of energy, if I’m drinking enough water, etc.

So today I noticed my friend Natalie, over at The Bobby Pin, is giving away 5 pairs of Vedette shapeware.

Wait, why is this in the middle of a post about logging your food, Leila

Hear me out. Natalie is giving these away because she tried them out of curiosity. To enter her giveaway you need to leave a comment about what makes you curious.

After assessing what I am curious about, I determined one of  thing is how I’ve been eating. I don’t post a photo of everything I eat on the blog. I just don’t have the time/energy to photograph everything, so it just doesn’t happen. But I log pretty much all my Monday-Friday meals, and occasionally the weekends.

So I was curious about what my top 10 snacks are. Are you?

Top 10 snacks:

1. Bananas

2. Hummus

3. Dried Apricots

4. Baby Carrots

5. Celery

6. Apples

7. Skittles – crazy cores

8. Chobani Greek yogurt

9. Red bell pepper

10. Luna protein bar

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it didn’t kill me. What did I learn about my snack attacks? I’m a lover of fruit and veggies w/hummus that are easily portable. I also love a good protein fix (chobani and luna bars). But mostly I learned my blog name reflects how I really eat.

Skittles made the top ten. Awesome.

In related news, today’s snack was, dun, dun, dun, you guessed it, hummus w/baby carrots.

But it was totally un-fulfilling. I needed junk food, and surprisingly not the crazy core variety.

Actual text message between the hubs and myself, 4:21 pm:

me: I want kookaburra

hubs: I’ll get you some

me: I don’t know where, other than Yokes and Rosauers

hubs: I know where to get it. I got hookups.

me: Ok. Thanks. I want sourdough bread too

me: And junk food.

me: And a nap.

hubs: Any other vice?

me: Ummm no, I think I covered all my vices for today.

I didn’t really expect kookaburra and sourdough bread to appear, as we don’t live near a store that sells it. But sure to his word the hubs arrived with both of my vices:

And this!

After 9 years of slinging girl scout cookies, I dove into this box with pure nostalgic joy!

What is your number 1 (or top ten!) snack(s)?

Tic tac attack.

Today I was reminded of why I do not allow myself to purchase tic tacs.

That container was full this morning.

I was also reminded that I really enjoy overnight oats. A while back I mentioned I was rather bored with my standard oatmeal breakfast. Megan posted this link for overnight oat chia breakfast pudding on my fb wall, and I immediately was transported to summer. During those (too short) months I eat overnight oats in mass quantities. And while I prep my oats this way currently, I always heat them up at work.

So while I was prepping my weekly oats last night, I decided to make one overnight oat concoction.

1 container Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt (6 oz), 1/3 cup vanilla almond milk, 1/3 cup oats, 2 TBS raisins, 1 TBS chia seeds.

For lunch I consumed a spinach, onion and roasted bell pepper salad w/homemade dressing,

and the last leftover quinoa chickpea stuffed bell pepper.

Later on I snacked on this lemon chobani.

I was so excited to try this flavor, but I was sorely disappointed with it 😦 The pineapple is so much better!

Still hungry I munched on a whole wheat banana protein muffin.

Hunger crisis averted. Upon returning home I set out to prepare two new recipes:

Caitlin’s Perfect Baked Tofu

modified: 1/4 tsp black pepper instead of 1/2 TBS

Gina’s Cilantro Lime Rice

modified: sushi rice (all I had) instead of long grain, added 3 cloves garlic (minced), quadrupled the cilantro and added 1/2 cup diced green onions.

Libb said the tofu tasted like maggots.

That was a tad uncalled for, I think. It wasn’t amazing, although I’ve never had amazing tofu. The marinade was very tasty, but I think I just prefer tofu mixed in with things, rather than on its own.

The rice, however, was very tasty, albeit rather sticky. Adding garlic and green onions was a very good decision.

On the side we had some nuked normandy blend veggies via Costco.

Now where are those tic tacs?