All about ME Monday

Today’s activity for NEDAwareness week was “Mirrorless Monday.” This activity is geared toward high school students, where the teachers/counselors cover the mirrors in the restrooms/locker rooms and encourage students to look beyond the mirror and write encouraging words to one another.

Considering the fact that it is President’s day, and therefore schools are closed, doing this wasn’t a possibility. I attempted to have my own mirrorless Monday, but nearly burnt myself with my curling iron and decided it wasn’t for me.

Instead, I decided today would be all about ME! And, really, all days should be about me…but for some reason they aren’t. And I don’t mean this in the world should revolve around me way. I do mean, I really need to attend to MY needs and wants a tad more.

So what does a day of me involve? Intuitive eating, without calorie counting. Ya know, eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. Novel concept, I know. Yet for some reason my brain always reverts back to calculator mode.

nanner + pb + coffee = perfect pre-gym fuel

Elliptical date with my friend Kyndra for an hour chick chit chat. Followed by a belated birthday lunch celebration for my mother-in-law, Gayle, at The Olive Garden. I was too wrapped up in conversation to pull out my camera, but I think you can imagine what shrimp primavera looks like.

Oh wait, it’s on their website. It looked an awful lot like this.


Gayle tipped me off to Mel’s Nursery, and insisted the hubs take me there after lunch. I’ve driven by Mel’s for, oh 9 years, and never once stopped in. I assumed they were purely plants.

And while they do have their fair share…

they have so much more!

I think the hubs secretly wants this penguin cocktail shaker.

And I openly want a stash of these gift bags.

Filled with goodies, of course. See that bottle of red, Michele, on the right? I picked that up on an annual wine tasting weekend with my internet book club friends this fall. We had it with Christmas dinner and it was amaze-balls. So happy I can find it in Spokane! If you ever see anything by Nicholas Cole Cellars pick up a bottle, you will be very pleased.

Ooo, and a quick peek at their website revealed that all of their wines are at employee pricing right now – 50% off!

Back to Mel’s goodies…

I walked out with 3 caramels, (2 butter caramel and 1 cashew sea salt caramel – very excited about these), and some fabu perfume.

I think the pumpkin cookbook inspired me, because upon arriving home I was excited to attack little miss Libby and her orangey goodness.

I whipped up some non-oatmeal breakfasts for the work week. And they are breakfasts for ME because the boys hate pumpkin. My pumpkin needs came first today.

 Pumpkin-Quinoa muffins.

I used pecans instead of walnuts, added 2 TBS chia seeds, and threw a few pepitas on top for funsies.

I also used Halloween muffin liners…because they had pumpkins on them. When I go pumpkin I go big.

Then I whipped up some Pumpkin Banana Bread.

I only had two nanners, so I doubled the pumpkin. No nuts in my version either. I’ve made this both ways and prefer the non-nutty version.

I declared dinner to be my favorite easy meal: appetizer platter.

I roasted some chickpeas with cumin, sea salt, key lime juice, black pepper and olive oil.

I think I ate at least a serving while getting the rest of the goodies ready.

Rosemary olive oil bread brushed with garlic and olive oil, then broiled.

With Cabernet Sauvignon salami, buffalo mozz, colby jack, basil and tomato slices.

And in a little bit I’ll be dipping into either the caramels or these chewy chocolate chip cookies the hubs made me.

Hello lover(s).

So what can you take from this day of ME?

I require coffee, an endorphin rush and tasty treats to function properly with a smile on my face.This is done most effectively when I mute the calorie calculator in my head. I challenge you to do one of the following activities tomorrow:

  • Don’t count calories (if you are a counter).
  • Eat intuitively (if you live your life by a calorie clock).
  • Eat something “off limits” (if you have rules about what you eat).
  • Cook something/buy something decadent, and enjoy every bite.

Love yourself today, tomorrow, forever.