Saturday snapshots.

Nanner + chunky peanut butter = amaze-balls.

Dog walk in sun = glorious. Then on to a gym date with the hubs (40 min on the adaptive motion trainer + 15 min arms). Once home I created some sun-inspired eats.

Caprese salad – much better in the summer though 😦


And carmelized onion toast.


Then I needed to get my creative juices flowin’ for an app to bring to Liz’s Rockband birthday party.

Earlier this week I saw Kath’s recipe for cilantro pesto and I knew I had to try it soon. But I didn’t know what to do with it…top it on fish? Chicken? Make a cold pasta salad? Decisions, decisions. Then I decided it would be the perfect base for a Southwest dip.*

*Recipe to follow

Other dishes included these delicious dolmades + lemon sauce made by the boys.

Erica’s sesame ginger pasta salad.

And chips/dips galore.

The pups begged for samples,

and were denied.

An in depth discussion about brunch occurred, and I saw via fb check-in’s at least one participant actually partook in one this morning. I’m jealous.

And as an early birthday present to Anastasia, a little blog love to her indoor garden of tomatoes, lettuce and something else…onions? I can’t remember.

Now I’m putting on my serious-blogger panties for the remainder of the week. Stay tuned.

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