Fashion Friday: I need new clothes.

Since October I’ve dropped two sizes(!!). While it is fun to realize I need to purchase new pants, it is not as fun to realize I need new, ahem, undergarments.

Monday Red, pink, purple and white day at school, (because it was Valentine’s Day). At first I struggled with what to wear that would include all colors. Then I remembered I owned a pair of white pants (ok, “winter cream”). Perfect. Until I packed them in my gym bag and pulled them out the next day only to realize I went from the too tight phase, skipped the fitting phase, and right to the too big phase of these pants. Sigh. I broke the rule of “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” and I didn’t even do it well.


I recently purchased these boots on super clearance at DSW. They have stretch in them, which means they fit over jeans and the calves nicely, without any tug. Plus they are platform, which means I could wear them to work without feeling like I was wearing heals. I was in love!

(I am a total sucker for skirts/dresses with pockets)

Thursday (This is my “interview” top and I haven’t worn it since my interview. At the time I could barely zip it and had to tuck it into my skirt to get it to look decent. Now it is too big! Enter cute gold skinny belt to give it a semblance of shape.)

Friday = no work day! Today was the last of our built in snow days, (we didn’t actually use any). I spent the day gymming and shopping. When shopping I always wear flats and comfortable clothes that take almost no effort to put together, otherwise the multiple changes in the dressing room are a pita.

So to keep my straight across bangs int tip-top condition I need to trim them every two weeks. This is a pain in the bootay, and they never stay in place unless I attack them constantly with a a comb. But I do love the way they look when they cooperate with me. So, the question I ask of you, dear readers,  

should I keep them straight across,

or do side-swept?

Input please! 🙂

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