Flatbread….flat out blah.

I really have nothing to offer ya’ll today…I’m tired and it tomorrow is a full moon, (which, if you didn’t know, kind of makes people a tad crazy. Particularly the tween/teen type of people).

Today was gloriously sunny…yet it snowed.


My car’s temperature gage read 36 degrees…

Seriously. How was it snowing?

Nothing stuck, but still…it was weird.

Ya know the accent vlog* that is going around? There is a question that asks, “what is it called when it rains and the sun is shining?” Apparently that is a “sun shower.” I’d never heard this term before. Maybe that is because I’m from the Northwest? So what is the term when it snows and the sun is shining? A snow shower? Snow sunner? Sun snower? I don’t know…

*I really want to do the accent vlog, but have been sick the past two weekends, (when I would have natural light), so I haven’t done it yet.

This morning I hit snooze, (twice), and realized that I couldn’t get more than a 20 minute work out in before I needed to shower/get ready because I had an early morning meeting, so I might as well just sleep in, (because 6 a.m. is sleeping in for me).

Brekkie was some oats, cinnamon, chia seeds, thawed frozen blueberries (love!) and a container of yoplait light ff triple berry tort. This yogurt was ok, but wayyyyy too sweet. I prefer plain or vanilla.

Lunch was a leftover quinoa, butternut squash, shroom, onion, chicken bowl. Usually I enjoy leftovers. Today? Not so much. This was so much better the night-of. Sigh.

My kiwi made up for it though.

Mid afternoon I attacked a heart-shaped sugar cookie, (un-photographed) and it was amazing.

Then it was off to The Davenport Safari Room for a little snack attack happiness with some very lovely ladies. I met up with Brittany and Kyndra for some flatbread + conversation. I love these ladies, and it has been way, way too long since we’ve gotten together.

Luckily I’ve already made plans for my day off(!!) tomorrow with Britt so I can continue my girlie fix.

I ordered a roma/pesto flatbread.

Here’s the deal, if you want a cheapie-semi-decent flatbread, the Safari Room is the place to go. For $4.50 happy hour price you can’t go wrong. It has cheese (good), tomatoes, (good, better when in season), and pesto, (umm…who doesn’t love pesto?).

But is this good flatbread? No. It is rather bland. And the dough…kinda dry, flavorless and cracker-like. But when pairing with a glass of vino, it isn’t too¬† bad if you don’t want to spend much moola. Plus everything on their drink menu is half off between 3 and 6, so it is pretty much the best happy hour in town, (if you only care about price).

For a foodie it isn’t the best option, but it is a good, cheapie place to meet your gal-pals.

What are your requirements for a hh fix-food options or drink options? Or is company all you really need?