Weigh-in Wednesday 9: U R Amazing

My co-worker, (who didn’t want her face on the blog, sorry bout the chest shot), was wearing this awesome shirt today. I want one.


I still haven’t replaced my scale’s battery, but it gave me an equal amount six times in a row, so maybe last week it was having a bad day. Whatever the case, I was pretty pleased with the number.

Starting weight: +21

Goal weight: -21

Last week: -8

This week: -9.5

While at the gym, putzing along on the elliptical, I read another article in Women’s Health about why women need to incorporate weight lifting into their gym routine. A study at some university in California, I think*, followed two weight loss groups. One group only got their sweat on via cardiovascular exercise in the form of running, biking, ellipticalling, etc. The second group switched it up, lifting weights three times a week as well as getting some cardio action in. At the end of the study all participants lost roughly twenty-one pounds, (familiar number, eh?). The difference? The group that incorporated strength training into their routine lost an average of six inches more than the cardio-only group.

*I’m too lazy to go dig the magazine out of my gym bag to give you specifics.

I have to say, I am a total cardio junkie. For no other reason than I can zone out completely with CNN and a magazine. Sometimes my music will amplify my intensity as I keep pace with the beat, but really, I’m not pushing myself all that hard.

Strength training, however, is something I enjoy much, much more than cardio. I love the feeling of increasing how much I can lift, how many reps I can push myself to do and how much better I feel after my work out. So why do I let it fall to the wayside so often?

I have many excuses:

  1. I get to the gym late and want to burn as many calories as I can in a short period of time, cardio does that efficiently.
  2. The strength training area in my gym is small and not organized well.
  3. I used to know what I was doing, with the aid of watching Shapefit exercise guides, and I don’t anymore. (these used to be two to three pictures that rotated quickly so you could get the gist of what you were supposed to do. Now they are videos!). I only like to use free weights and really hate using the assisted machines, so I need to re-learn how to strength train properly.
  4. There are always large, meat-headish men taking over the weights area, which sadly intimidates me.


But I know that I am just being lazy. I want to get back into strength training, and not just because of the study showing that I can lose an additional six inches. I really miss the euphoric feeling and endorphin rush it provides. Plus I know my body burns more calories after completing a strength training sesh than a cardio one, so the bologna about burning as many calories in a short workout is really non-issue.

The weights area in my gym isn’t going to change. The building isn’t going to expand. I am going to have to put on my big girl panties and deal with that fact and the meat-heads that take over the area. I pay the same amount they do to use the space, (ok, so I have a corporate discount, but I only pay a fraction less than the standard rate), and I shouldn’t let their obnoxious egos get in my way.

And that issue of needing to learn how to strength train properly? Pshh, easy peasy. When I switched gyms from OZ to the YMCA in October I received two free sessions with a trainer. I’ve yet to use them. The hubs also received these, and he hasn’t used his. He doesn’t want to use them either, so I am going to ask the Y if I can use his. I’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up (woot woot!) and I am going to see if I can squeeze at least one of the sessions in there. I don’t know if it’s too late notice though. Setting up my first session is on tomorrow’s agenda.

I’m excited!

But back to the rest of my day…

Brekkie was some violet buckwheat.

My mix included Bob’s Red Mill creamy buckwheat, thawed blueberries, pepitas, cinnamon, chia seeds and a little sugar.

Note to self, add blueberries after cooking.

Lunch was a turkey-avocado-laughing cow sammie on a whole wheat english muffin.

Plus a side salad with craisins, tomatoes, onion and avocado.

After work I swung by TJ MAXX because this happened yesterday.

Another rant to add to yesterday…I am literally falling apart at the seams.

I replaced that craptastic bag with this awesome one.

These straps will not be coming undone any time soon.

After returning home I had a late afternoon snack of white chocolate strawberry yogurt fulfilled my urge to eat candy, (much better than an apple to cut cravings).

Then it was dinner prep time.

Well hello my long lost autumn friend.

The hubs grilled some chicken and I whipped up a mean quinoa bowl with roasted butternut squash, sweet onion and shrooms with a light sauce of stone ground mustard, sea salt, key lime juice and olive oil.

Oh yes.

My stummy is very content right now.

Do you like lifting weights? What is your cardio/strength training ratio?