Rant-tastic Tuesday

Remember how pleased I was with myself yesterday for waking up before my alarm went off? Yeah, didn’t happen this morning. I did, however, only hit snooze once. Actually, I hit it a second time, but immediately dragged myself out of bed because I felt guilty. I also didn’t want a repeat of last week when I hit snooze four times every.single.morning. (that would be 36 minutes of extra no-sleep snoozin’)

I got my head in the game to tackle the dreadmill with half a nanner and cold coffee+almond milk. Unfortunately, last night’s brownie sat like a rock in my stomach and after 17 minutes of walking/jogging I gave up. Enter 15 minutes of leg work and 20 minutes on the recumbent bike. Much easier on the ol body.

Upon reaching the locker room I was pleased to see two showers were open. But by the time I changed out of my gym clothes and grabbed my towel, a matter of 45 seconds, two repeat offenders had entered the empty stalls…fully clothed.

This behavior really needs to be added to the gym do’s and don’ts post. I really don’t mind the fact that some people don’t want to strip down in front of others. No problem. But another person finished her shower, packed up her belongings and dried off in the amount of time it took these gals to change their clothes. Then they take extreamly long showers and I think they break another gym don’t (shaving legs…they must, what could possibly take so long?!). When I say this is a get in/get out situation, I mean it!

I got in, started/finished my shower and was packed up/dried up and out of my stall before they finished bathing (and I entered after their water was on). I found a line outside the stalls 3 people deep. Long showers at the gym = totally unacceptable.

On the no-nudey in front of people thing, fine, like I said, I don’t have a problem with that. But there are changing stalls specifically for this reason. So if they don’t want to strip down in front of others, there is a specific space where they can take their sweet time. But that isn’t the issue. These gals parade around in their birthday suits after they bathe, so really, they are just being sneaky jerks* who think their time is more important than others.

Kinda like Steve Martin.


Actually, I’ve never seen The Jerk, so I don’t know if his behavior is up to par with theirs, but I assume so.

When I saw the pile of clothes sitting outside the shower stalls I kinda wanted to grab ‘em and run.

But I didn’t.

Because I am nice. Which is a gym DO, in case you were wondering. And I did clear my conscience by lending my conditioner to the repeat offender when she mentioned she forgot hers. Another gym DO. I guess complaining about them in a blog is kind of a DON’T behavior, but I’m not at the gym right now, so it isn’t applicable.

*I could think of a more articulate phrase in which to describe the type of person who exhibits this behavior, but I don’t really feel like it. They royally pissed me off this morning.

K, unintended rant over. Normal foodie ramblings will commence now…

Upon arriving to work I assembled an un-overnight overnight oat concoction for brekkie: raw oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, thawed blueberries and an Archer Farms ff vanilla yogurt.

I’d never had Archer Farms before, but for 49 cents a pop I thought I would give them the ‘ol girl scout try. The verdict? I really liked the vanilla! I wasn’t a fan of the honey almond, however. That one tasted kinda aspartamey, but I am not entirely sure aspartame was on the ingredient list.

Lunch was a blurry* and bland sammie of roast turkey, laughing cow and english muffin, plus a side salad.

*totally left my point n shoot at home. My iPhone’s camera is craptastic.

Around 2 p.m. I had a snack attack, and I really wanted candy. I read an article this morning in my Women’s Health magazine about how we often crave sweets mid afternoon because our blood sugar drops and we should reach for fruit instead of candy and we’ll be more energized. Remembering this, I sliced up a pink lady apple.

Yeah, it might help my blood sugar levels, but it definitely didn’t trick my body out of wanting that candy. I only had a few life savers to suck on, but they totally did the trick.

A while later I was still craving sweets, and still hungry. Enter my friend, Luna.

Mmmmm seasonal flavors. Actually, I think this bad boy is in their regular rotation now.

After arriving home tonight I attempted to do a little photo shoot action with Rilo for Tina’s Blog Dogs series. Rilo did not want to cooperate!

She did give me some high fives though.

After acting as the paparazzi, Libb whipped up a mean tuna noodle casserole a la Gina’s Skinny Taste. We subbed a yellow bell pepper for the shrooms, used regular sharp cheddar instead of the reduced fat (reduced fat cheese…vomit) and didn’t add the sherry (don’t have any).

Serious yum factor.

Look at those crispy noodles!

A side salad made this meal complete.

Then it was DVR time…90210 style.


Every Monday Libb asks me yo, is there a new 90210 tonight? When the answer is yes he gets really excited. I am so pleased to have hooked my brother on such a ridiculous guilty pleasure. It makes for great sibling bonding Tuesday evenings.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure t.v. show?