Hey, did you know it is Valentine’s Day?

Have you checked your facebook feed today? Yeah, it is Valentine’s Day. It always cracks me up to see married couples wishing each other a happy v-day via fb wall posts.

*quick check to make sure Timmah didn’t do that* phew, we’re in the clear.

I guess my body was excited about the ol Hallmark holiday, I woke up at 5:03 a.m., one minute before my alarm went off. Crazy, right? Here’s hoping I can make this a week long winning mini-goal streak. However, with all this extra time on my hands I didn’t actually get to the gym any earlier than normal. Well, I mean I got there one time (on a machine at 5:55 a.m.).

After 50 minutes filled with Katy Perry, Usher and CNN on the Adaptive Motion Trainer I did a little arm action. I haven’t worked my arms in ages, and I am thinking I may be rather sore tomorrow.

Brekkie was a less pretty version of yesterday’s creamy buckwheat with chia seeds, pecans, raisins, brown sugga and half a nanner.

With a side of bright pink sparkly heart nails…

Fun, right? I felt very, very girlie.

Lunch was oh, so good. A turkey sammie with avocado, laughing cow, lettuce, tomato and onion on a whole wheat english muffin, with a side salad.

Plus a side of operation beautiful. I thought the other teachers, aids and support staff needed a little love aside from the raging tween/early teen hormones that were wreaking havoc on our Monday. 🙂

Perhaps I snacked on a heart shaped sugar cookie. Perhaps.

Pretty soon I’ll be throwing two pizza’s in the oven. I know I promised a meatless Monday dish, but I really didn’t feel like cooking. Meh. Take’n’bake pizza is only half cooking, so I feel like I kinda made my man a home cooked treat.

A heart shaped pie no less.

And I baked brownies!

Oh wait, they came from a box.

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

I almost forgot I promised you a peak at what I got the hubs for v-day…

‘Cause nothing says I love you like fried food.

His gift to me was a tad more appropriate for the day’o’love.

A fabu paper flower arrangement from anemone. These will look very lovely in my office at work.

Happy Valentine’s Day, or National Singles Appreciation Day, whichever you fancy.