Fashion Friday

There are entire blogs dedicated to fashion, my friend Lindsay has one. Mine is not. I don’t consider myself to be fashionable. However, over the years I’ve worked in quite a few places where I was the “cute dresser.” Me? *snort* oooookaaaay.

I’ve noticed more and more healthy living bloggers, like Laura and Megan who also work in education, are including Fashion Friday on their blogs. A post dedicated to what they wore to work that week. I love looking through these posts! I’ve also noticed a lot of “teacher clothes?” posts on a chat board I frequent. I figured why not join the Fashion Friday bandwagon? Plus it will be a fun way to look back on my progress over time. Libb thinks I should take a picture of just my face every single day until I’m 80 and see the progressive change. Is it weird that I think that sounds like a really good idea?

So this week I’m kicking off Fashion Friday on my blog, but you don’t get today’s outfit. Sorry. Yesterday I spent my evening at our school’s Literacy Night, manning the “bring one, take one” table, where the kids could exchange books.

Since the event lasted until 8 pm, I swung by Starbucks for a soy chai pick me up. I was very disappointed to discover they had not made the drink correctly. I think I got half a pump of chia? It tasted like hot water and soy. I still kept drinking this terrible mess, and regretted it later. I’m not sure if I had food poisoning, developed a severe allergy to soy in the past 24 hours, or something else, but I am very sick. After passing out in the shower this morning I called a sub and went back to bed. You don’t want to see pictures of my meals (ummm saltines + gatoraid), or my outfit (gray pj bottoms + baseball style The OC swag shirt from when I worked at FOX). So I may as well share what I wore the rest of the week instead.