Weigh in Wednesday 7: time to recharge.

Me thinks my scale’s battery is dying. I received 5 different weights this morning, so I have no idea if I lost, gained, or stayed the same over the past week. Time to either change the battery or get a new (better/more accurate) scale. However, I am afraid to do both options because even though I know weight is rather irrelevant, I like to use the same scale every time I weigh in for consistency sake. Yeah, I am kinda drama-rama.

The scale at the gym hit somewhere in the middle of the other weigh-in’s, so I guess I’ll take that as my weigh-in for the week.

Start weight: +21

Goal weight: -21

Last week (which I think is a total fluke due to being sick): -9.5

This week: -8 (which seems more accurate)

Oh, and I created a weigh-in page to track progress. And did you notice I finally got my About page up and running? Ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out.

Other than changing my scale’s battery I decided I really need to invest in some static cling removal spray. The dry air combined with my tights and dress really aren’t the best combo.

What else isn’t a good combo? My morning oats. Blah, these used to excite me. But now I’m in a bland rut. Tomorrow I am determined to eat something new.

Partway through my morning the sun began to shine little rays of joy into my office. It was perfect timing because my outfit is really designed for warmer weather. I was rather thrilled with this weeks forecast of sunshine daily, but when I drove to the Y this morning I was met with snowflakes. While getting ready I quietly grumbled about the possibility of wearing my North Face fleece all day to stay warm. As a fellow morning gym goer noted, you have to be really committed to your outfit when you pack your bag the night before.

The sun warmed my office nicely and my lunch warmed my soul. I finished off my container of roasted red pepper & tomato soup and inhaled a nummy salad, (spring mix/spinach, red onion, bell pepper, tomato, cherry craisins, goat cheese & homemade dressing).

This guy kept us company and sang us some ridiculous Easter bunny songs.

A little later on I snacked on some apple wedges with a laughing cow, (and an un-photographed babybel and homemade chips while waiting for dinner).

Guess what we are having again? Tacos! We are almost finished with our super bowl leftovers. I think we way overestimated how much food we would need. Sigh. Looking forward to some non-salsa inspired dishes this weekend.