Saturday night fever…

…not really, but I am running at about 78%, and even though I’m an A student I’ll take it. Although tomorrow I really need to be hovering around 85% or higher because I have a super bowl shin dig going on.

Today a little party prep ensued, after a breakfast burrito of champions of course.

mmmm, bacon

Oh and guess who rocked a pair of jeans she hasn’t been able to fit into for TWO YEARS!?!

This girl.

The cat, however, did not want to cooperate to document this fabulous occasion.

There we go…kinda.

While out on a decoration mission I found quite a few fun things that were absolutely necessary for me to own. And not the least bit football related.

Sparkly plastic plates? Check!

Sparkly plastic heart bowl? Check!

New place mats? Check!

Suction creatures that act as drink tags? Check!

And we may have wound up at Costco (yeah, again) where we found some necessary ingredients for tomorrow: tomatoes for salsa,

and corn tortillas for homemade chips.

Oh and Dave’s Killer Bread was doing a tasting, so we kinda wound up with this amazing cinnamon bread in our basket. The ingredient list is awesome possum, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a slice tomorrow morning 🙂

Oh and a second t.v. for upstairs? Totally necessary.

The boys spent a while figuring out this mess…

Done and done.

I am pooped after spending the past four hours cleaning.

Somebody is a sourpuss and needs another somebody to finish making the homemade chips…

Who are you rooting for tomorrow?