Weigh in Wednesday 6: Sickie

There is a nasty bug going around and my boys, (hubs and Libb), caught it before I did. Due to spending the majority of my waking hours with kiddos it is a rarity that I am the last in this house to get sick. I figured that I had finally built up my immune system, since they were sick and I was feeling great, but I thought wrong.

Here I am at home, sick, watching Groundhog’s Day…over and over and over again. But ol Punxsutaney Phil says spring is coming, so that does lift my spirits a tad.

I did make an attempt to get up and going this morning, but my body faught back and insisted I call a sub and stay in bed.

Upon waking I braved the scale…

Start weight: +21

Goal weight: -21

Last week: -7

This week: -9.5

Pounds left to go: only 11.5!

Say whaaaaa? I’m not that kind of sick, nor did I chop off enough hair to warrant the 2.5 pound loss between last week and this week. I jumped on and off the scale about 8 times, rearranged it on the floor, stood on different spots and each time the same number was produced. I still don’t know if I trust it, but I’ll take it!

Monday and Tuesday were much more productive work outs too – I’ve been eating half a nanner and chugging some day old (don’t judge, I chill it in the fridge the night before) coffee/almond milk before I brave the cold to hit the gym in the mornings. I can really feel the difference! I’ve also cut the extra sugar in my oats in the morning – and I can’t even really tell the difference. These two things alone are making me feel better and more productive in the morning 🙂 I’m really bummed out that I’m sick and couldn’t work out this morning. Not in the guilty way that I used to feel when I missed a workout, but in the I really could use the endorphin rush kinda way. Sigh.

Even though I succumbed to the temptation of cupcakes this weekend, I have been cleaning up my eating, (and the cupcakes were all natural, so they were clean, albeit high in sugar). I’ve shared how I simplify my life at home, but I haven’t really talked much about how I ward off temptation and stay on track at work.

I have a fridge in my office stocked with healthy eats.

Homemade hummus, veggies, lunch (from Monday: salad and sammie), babybels, laughing cow wedges, roasted chickpeas, and some nasty coffee creamer (which I will be replacing with some half and half).

Greek yogurt, apple, homemade salad dressing, water, sparkling water and Diet Dr. Pepper.

And a snack drawer full of fun treats.

Luna, Kashi and granola bars, oatmeal…

If I forget my pre-assembled oats at home this stuff is great.

The package acts as a measuring cup!


I also have some dried fruit, sugar packets, propel (for when water is just too bland) and napkins.

And lactaid too, of course!

A few more items grace my book shelf.

Canned Soup (in case I forget my lunch), popcorn, granola and peanut butta.

Plus decaff and caffine free tea for afternoon pick me ups.

Since I have all of these healthy and tasty items in my office I have no excuse to run to Jack ‘n’ the box down the street or attack the vending machine down the hall when hunger hits.

But back to today…

Meds provided some comfort after I stumbled from my slumber.

But not enough to really feel up to par.

The hubs had to show his ID to purchase this. I am fairly positive the government is now tracking us.

I thought an at home manicure might help.

It didn’t.

So super foods were consumed.

Spinach pancakes + Greek yogurt & applesauce (which I froze per Erin’s obession…tasty, but I didn’t freeze the concoction long enough.)

Are Greek yogurt and applesauce super foods? I don’t know, but I figure they are pretty darn healthy so they should help my immune system.

Liquids, liquids and more liquids have been, and will continue to be, consumed.

Tomato soup + sourdough bread was also a must.

Since the hubs is still sickie he put in a few hours in the office and then came home, bringing orange juice and some fixin’s for chicken noodle soup with him. Always a good cure. Although no one should have to cook when they’re sick 😦 Cooking Light should just send me samples of their dishes on request.

What is your favorite comfort food while sick?

What do you keep on hand at work for go-to snacks?