So soon Sunday?

Why do weekends have to end?

Yesterday was so relaxing, I want to bottle up the feeling of my carefree Saturday and spritz it throughout my work week.

Last night’s festivities were quite enjoyable.

Seaweed salad,


and soosh were consumed.

John and Kim’s looked a lot more exciting than ours.

We skipped across the street to Nectar and cleansed our palate with their Last Sip.

The hubs was very excited that I Love Lucy was on in the background, (he has five sisters, yes five…hence the enjoyment of the Luce).

John + Kim

Me + Tim

Me + Kim

And the Shameless Hussy…

Upon arriving home we split the Elvis cupcake, (banana cupcake, peanut butter/chocolate frosting and bacon on top)…

The verdict? Not a fan. But I will give their Maple Bacon cupcake a try next time I see it in the shop.

While Saturday’s always have to end, one member of our family thoroughly enjoys Sundays.

Every Sunday morning the hubs tosses the newspaper aside and Rikka takes residence on the cartoons. She stays crouched like this for hours.

Until, of course, a wandering animal spikes her curiosity.

Rilo also wanted to see what the big fuss was.

This morning’s breakfast was another attempt at pseudo 3-day oats (oats/dried apricot/chia seeds) and a spinach pancake.

The hubs prepped himself a more manly meal.

The sunshine brought us outdoors for 2.78 mile run walk/jog.

Clear sidewalks & streets!

And blue sky, oh my!

And p.s. we still have our wreath on our door…but it still smells amazing, so I’m not taking it down 😉

After our endorphin rush I assembled a lunch of pickle spears, orange slices and a turkey/laughing cow/dijon sammie on Dave’s Killer Bread.

And a friend’s fb status this morning encouraged me to pull out my crock pot for an easy dinner. I used this recipe as my inspiration to create my own Sante Fe Chicken.

Doesn’t my crock pot look pretty?

Chicken breasts nustled in for a daytime nap…

My house smells so good right now. I cannot wait for dinner. If I enjoy it as much as I think I will I’ll share the recipe sometime soon.

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