Simplifying my life.

Today was a lovely day off, which included lots of lounging. After the Snowmageddon of 2008 the school district I work for inserted a few snow days throughout the year. If we don’t need to use them to make up school we get them as days off instead. 

My morning was filled by a marathon of What’s Eating You episodes stored in my DVR.

While drinking a few cups a joe,

and eating some explosive oats.

I attempted to clean and organize our “scary room,” but didn’t get too far.

Lunch was one of those moments where nothing sounded good. Toast with pb and honey is better than canned soup I suppose.

I spent the afternoon meal planning, shopping and cooking.

I whipped up a new batch of homemade dressing. Sadly I cannot share the recipe. But it did include these ingredients.

When I was in college I worked for a catering company, which later catered my wedding. I was obsessed with their signature salad: spring greens, gorgonzola, craisins, candied walnuts and this bomb(dot)com dressing. One of the gals who worked in the office took pity on me and gave me the recipe, under the condition I wouldn’t share it.

I go through this dressing rather quickly, and always store it in two bottles. One large Lighthouse dressing container (for home), and a dijon mustard container (for work). While the large container is nice, it has a wide mouth and the dressing comes out quite quickly. I need to empty out some more dijon bottles, because they are perfect storage containers for homemade dressing.

I also experimented with a new recipe: Wine and Dijon Pork Tenderloin.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, but used dried parsley instead of fresh, greek yogurt instead of regular, and I threw everything in the food processor rather than following their method.


Hubs checking the temp.*

*The hubs told me I had to learn how to cook meat. I told him I would be a vegetarian if we weren’t together, so he would have to handle it on his own.

And the finished product…yum! I will definitely make this recipe again. I served it with the sauce it created on a bed of brown rice. Nutritious and delicious, (and I generally don’t like pork). I think it would freeze quite well for my month of freezer cooking in February…

As I digest, I am thinking of how to incorporate more time-saving tricks into my life.

Here is how I simplify my life currently…

I spend an hour or so on Sunday’s prepping food to make my life easier. Due to my lovely day off, I prepped on Monday instead. But generally on Sunday’s I make a batch of hummus or another dip, prep five veggie baggies and three oatmeals.

Each night after work I immediately pack my gym bag for the following morning. As I am cooking dinner, or putting away leftovers, I pack my lunch, freeze two water bottles (with 8 oz of water – a third full, so it stays cold all day), and prep coffee for the morning.

This nightly routine eats up between thirty and forty-five minutes. While it makes my morning routine much quicker, I still feel like I could be doing more to simplify my life. Thirty to forty-five minutes is a really long time to prep things every.single.night. Granted I am totally a.d.d. and I easily get distracted as I am prepping things, but I feel like I could be doing this in a smarter fashion. After all, work smarter, not harder, right?

So, what are your tips to simplify your life? Do you do things at night to make your mornings easier, or are you a fly by on the seat of you pants kinda person?

I’m kinda exhausto-pants right now. I spent a good hour trying to configure my computer so it would speak to my scanner. It wasn’t fun, but I figured it out. I have a fun little project tomorrow, which I hope you will enjoy.

Here is a sneak peek.