Sending Tanica off in style.

I have a confession: I make friends on the internet.

In 2005 I started participating on the healthy eaters chat board and quickly branched off to a private healthy eaters board. I met a lovely group of women, including Megan, and even though our board has dissolved, I’ve remained in touch with the majority of them through facebook.

When I got engaged in 2007 I promptly booked it over to the knot and took residence on the local San Diego board. I met some great ladies, including one of the cutest mommies I know, Alanna, budding MBA student and journalist Natalie, and the ever so talented Tessa.

I even started a book club with my new internet friends, even if we didn’t really talk about the books…

Meanwhile the hubs and I decided we wanted to get married back in Spokane. The Knot didn’t have a Spokane local board at the time, but a few of us found each other on the Seattle local and exchanged very, very long emails. To make sure we didn’t miss anything in these massive emails, I started a local Spokane knottie chat board. After moving back to Spokane in January 2008 some of the ladies were interested in forming a book club. While not all of us lived in Spokane, some of us quickly became close friends, bonding over cake, dresses and guest list drama.

We even had a huge bachelorette party to celebrate all of our weddings.

We’ve taken trips to Washington wine country (Walla Walla and Tri-Cities) to visit our honorary book club member, Becky, from afar,

have worn ugly sweaters together,

celebrated babies,

and eaten a lot of food.

So when Tanica’s husband was offered a job in Seattle this summer we knew she would be leaving us at some point. This Monday is the fated day, and we needed to send her off in style.

Yesterday was filled with toes, tastes and treats.

Our afternoon started at Fancy Nails, where we had a rather interesting mani/pedi application process.

Poor Brianne sat forgotten at a mani station with her fingers pruning in a ziploc baggie for 20 minutes.

Tanica, Becky, Chels and I sat in assembly line of massage chairs.

I chose to be a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater.  

After our nails dried, under a light that may possibly cause skin cancer, we hit my casa for a late lunch of salad and flatbread on herbalicious pizza dough.

Then downtown for tastings.

Watch out, it’s icy outside.

We hoofed it from Barrister to Whitestone.

Where we found cheetos and fritos to munch on. Klassy.

This little guy wanted to join in the fun.

Whitestone doesn’t make whites, but they do serve a twinkie in a glass in case you are a white fan. Why a twinkie? Because whites don’t have any nutritional value either.

While walking back to the car we stumbled upon Fringe & Fray. How did I not know about this fabulous consignment shop? I scored a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress for $38 and a cute Banana Republic dress for $15.

Up next were some fabulous snackies at Left Bank Wine Bar.

We chose the five cheese platter with two servings of Ballard Truffle Cheddar, Dubliner, Munster and Red Dragon. They accidentally gave us two servings of Dubliner, no Ballard Truffle Cheddar and a serving of Roquefort. Our amazingly adorable waitress quickly righted the situation and told us to eat the extra cheese. No problems here, just pass me the lactaid.

Tanica split the bill 5 ways.

money, money, monaaaay

Too bad we couldn’t use Becky’s ueber cute gift card.

On to Nectar for their Last Sip ($10 to taste any open bottle at the end of the night).

I was kind of in love with their chandelier.

Nectar just opened and was born out of a blog! Click here to read how the dream became a reality.

By then we were starving! Cheese and Fritos can only hold this girl so long. Off to Steelhead we went, and I was thrilled to find a portobella sammie on their menu.


Who goes to a bar and only drinks water? Us.

These random dudes walked in, and we decided they must be a ZZ Top cover band.

Clearly we had to take some pictures.

The owner and quaterback of the Spokane Shock were seated behind us. After introductions I said, I’m sorry, I really hate football, so I don’t know who you are. But would you take a picture with me? I have a blog.

He kindly obliged.

I think he is younger than Libb.

Chels dropped us off at my casa and the rest of the gals had a sleepover complete with some tasty cherry-lemon bars courtesy of Brianne, (adapted from this recipe).

In the morning we munched on some apples,

and Tanica’s tasty, tasty pecan rolls.

Spokane is very sad to see Tanica go, but Seattle is very lucky to have her.

Take care, Tanica, take care.