Gym do’s and don’ts.

Do be friendly (move out of the way when trying to unlock your locker so others can pass, offer up shampoo/conditioner/whatever if someone forgot theirs, smile).

Don’t take 10 minute showers. Space, water heat and time are all factors. We are all busy, we all need a shower, but this is a get in-get out situation. Shampoo/condition/wash body. That is all you get. If you want to shave your legs, do it at home.

Do wipe down your machine.

Don’t take up the entire bench in the locker room. If the bench is 8 feet long, take 2, if we are friendly we can fit 3-4 people’s belongings.

Do wear deodorant, even if it is 5 a.m. We can still smell you, and it is gross.

Don’t wear purfume/calogne either in place of, or on top of deodorant. What is enjoyable to you may be offensive to others, and combining that smell with sweat is obnoxious (especially Lovespell and Axe body sprays…eww).

I have a lot more but I don’t want to hit snooze in the morning and I do want to get a good work out in. What are your gym do’s and dont’s?