Weigh in Wednesday 4: oh crap.

My day started crappy.


Crap on my floor, courtesy of my cat.

When the dog has an accident we say, oh, poor Rilo! She must be sick. But the cat? No, she gets, stupid cat!

I spent 20 minutes cleaning the floor and wound up not getting to the gym and on a machine until 6:20. So I had a crappy 40 minute work out.

And, crap, I forgot my undies at home.

At least I am wearing a dress today, which means I had a pair of tights in my bag. Crisis averted, but I still am not a fan of going commando.

Not crappy parts of my day? I had a HOT shower this morning! Apparently enough of the morning workout crew members wrote comment cards and the Y listened. I didn’t say anything on Friday, because I was afraid I was going to jinx it. But then I got a hot shower yesterday and today and I am hoping they will continue. So I wrote them a thank you comment card 🙂

And the weigh in today? Holding steady at -6. I generally plateau here every time I gain or lose weight. This usually lasts 4-7 weeks. At this point my body likes to either gain muscle/lose fat or gain fat/lose muscle. Let’s hope this is the former, (I did start weight training 3 weeks ago).

Today’s menu is rather boring.

Brekkie of oats, almond milk/water, pepitas, peanut butta, brown sugga and chia seeds + coffee w/half&half and raw sugar.

With Stanly the snail. Isn’t he cute?

Lunch of another hard boiled egg* sammie on laughing cow wedge, dijon tard and a whole wheat english muffin and a peach chobani.

And a little caffeine boost.

*I perfected the hard boiled egg: Put eggs in pot and cover with cold water. Bring to boil. Cover and remove from heat. Let sit 15 minutes. Drain water and cover with luke-warm water, 5 minutes. Drain, cover with slightly cooler water, 5 minute. Drain, cover with cool water, 10 minutes. Drain and store. Best.Hard boiled egg. Ever.

Snackies included hummus/carrots, a babybel, cup-o-comfort chai tea and a nanner.

Dinner was some leftover burlattas.

They may not be pretty, but they are tasty.

Libb had his birthday cupcake

I will soon follow suit. But first a dip in the hot tub (time machine).

I’m hoping I don’t get a crappy night’s sleep.