Now and Then.

Remember that movie?


I was 12 and totally in love with Devin Sawa.

Now I’m sipping on some coffee,

and menu planning for the week.

And trying to figure out a way to get this,

and this

on the menu without groans from my meat-lovin’ fellas.

Then I was nibblin’ on awesome hummus,

at The MAC for BeGin, where the drink tickets were as cute as a button!

Help save the MAC!

The current exhibits are all about women.

I think I belong in the 50’s, but instead of feeding the kids early and sending them to bed, we’ll feed Libb early and send him to bed.

I tried a few times to get a good shot of these wall decals, but couldn’t 😦

I really want this green dress.

I’m glad bikes are no longer built this way.

E and I showing off our fun hobo clutches.

After we were (politely) kicked out of The MAC at closing, we hit Hill’s for a late dinner.

First up: beer battered shrooms.

I wasn’t super impressed with the shrooms, but the dipping sauce was tasty, tasty.

My main course was their reuben.

Again, sadly, I wasn’t too impressed. The corn beef was rather tasty, but my “salad” was still wet from washing. Thus resulting in soggy bread 😦

The hubs had their Elk burger.

Everything was okay, but I think we’ll wait to go back until Summer when we can partake in their roof-top garden grown ingredients.

Back to now…I’ve got a busy Saturday including birthday shopping for Libb, shopping for snowboarding attire (I’m taking lessons tomorrow…yikes!) and the zags game tonight! What are your Saturday plans?

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