Friday night can BeGin!

I love Friday’s. Specifically, Friday after 3:15. But before 3:15 can be pretty fun too. Every Friday is School Spirit day, and the 7th and 8th graders compete for spirit points.

One of the ways to earn points is dress in school colors (black and gold – go vikings!) This makes packing my gym bag extremely easy because I have 2 yellow cardi’s, 1 black/yellow/white cardi and 2 yellow tops. I can grab any combo of black/yellow plus dark denim and my super cute/comfy black n’ gold flats and I am good to go.

Another reason I love Friday’s? My gym buddy, E, and I reward ourself for hitting the gym all week with a latte from the Service Station inside the Y. Today I had a very tasty soy chai, which I was hesitant to try. Chai can either be good (spicy) or bad (sweet). A new barista was on deck and he couldn’t quite describe how their chai compared to Tazo or Oregon, so I decided to be daring and give it ago.

The verdict? Pretty darn tasty. Although it is a powder mix (can’t remember the name and it isn’t on their website), and he didn’t quite mix it well enough with hot water prior to adding the soy. The end of the cup was a tad gritty 😦

At work I paired it with a nanner for a quick brekkie. I planned to have a chobani too, but decided against it because a) I actually wasn’t all that hungry and b) I thought I might try to avoid dairy, even with lactaid, today.

Surprisingly this held me all the way to lunch. I think it was all that sourdough bread I had last night (woops).

For lunch I sipped on some leftover tummy tomato soup and nibbled on a dry whole wheat english muffin. I forgot my laughing cow wedge 😦

I also read some in the Inlander,

and noticed the event we are going to tonight will have a hummus appetizer bar!

Ummm, yum!  If I like the hummus I am totally joining the hummus club. Although I don’t know if a bean-based dip party is the best idea for Valentine’s day…

For an afternoon snackie I munched on some dried apricots and habanero almonds.

Almonds with my school spirit nails…

Yes, I am that teacher.

I’m about to paint another coat though, because I dinged ‘em up today. I need to look purty for tonight’s festivities: BeGin! (pronounced be gin, not begin), followed by dinner at Hill’s.

BeGin happens the 2nd Friday of each month at the MAC (Museum of Arts and Culture). The MAC is open from 6-8 with free admission for patrons over 21. They have live music, apps, local wine, craft brews and all of their exhibits are open. We haven’t been in ages, so I’m excited to go (even more so after learning about this hummus bar situation).

We’ve never been to Hill’s, although I’ve been wanting to go for a while. But the recent Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode pushed us to to go as soon as possible! They grow ingredients on the roof and hand make everything (including their pancetta! Say whaaaa?)

I have a feeling I’m going to be feeling stuffy mcstufferson later on, and I cannot guarantee dairy will not pass my lips.