Will walk for pizza.

Remember how I said I wanted pizza? Here let me refresh your memory:

The hubs and I used to live 50 feet from a Papa Murphy’s. I think we got pizza there twice a week…at least. But tonight, when I called the hubs to find out when he would be home for dinner, I said, “I want junk food,” his response was, “yeah, I want the goat.”

To the goat we went.

And…we walked! I think we said, “this would be so much more enjoyable in the summer,” at least 9 times. Walking in snow isn’t fun (especially 7~ inches), but at least we got a 2.4 mile round trip plus “resistance.”

And I accidentally did some lunges because of the ice layer underneath.

(darn you poor quality night time photos!)

As usual we had the Audubon Caesar.

There is actually a layer of bomb(dot)com homemade croutons underneath. You just can’t see them.

The Caesar didn’t stand a chance.

And we planned to have the Providence pie…

But once we heard the special of the night we changed our mind. A pie topped with red sauce, goat cheese blend, olives, truffle oil, arugula and prosciutto. Sub shrooms for olives of course.

“Salad” on a pizza? Umm, yes please.

I’m glad we walked, it was totally worth it.

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