Sad stummy :(

Have I mentioned I’m lactose intolerant?

I require these regularly.

Given that my favorite foods involved dairy, I down a lot more of these pills than the recommended dosage.

Today’s meals didn’t include a lot of dairy. But my body doesn’t care, it wants to hate all over me just to be a pain in my stummy.

I slept in until 6:18, which I do every Thursday. It is my self-imposed rest day due to a standing 7:45 meeting. Something else I do every Thursday: run out of time to eat a proper breakfast.

Today I was especially short on eating time because we had a Martin Luther King assembly. A local Reverend and speaker, Happy Watkins*, spoke to the kids and recited Dr. King’s speech. It was a very powerful and moving assembly. But my favorite part was when he looked out on the audience and said, “look at all the beautiful people out there. Some of you are short, and some of you are tall. Some of you are slender and some of you are fluffy. And you’re all amazing!” Fluffy! Loved it!

*Happy also married my friend’s Brianne and Corey 🙂

Enter a quick brekkie pairing a Luna protein bar with my usual coffee/raw sugga/ff half&half.

Some dried apricots as a mid-morning snackie.

I planned to have some canned tomato bisque for lunch, but I totally forgot to bring a bowl. Kind of a necessity, so I wound up having my oatmeal instead. The mix included oats, almond milk/water, brown sugga, chia seeds, raisins and pecans.

Then I had the culprit of my stummy ache: homemade cucumber cilantro dip. I’m still perfecting this recipe and am not sure if it was the dairy involved (greek yogurt) or if it is just too old (9 days), but the two of us did not see eye to eye. I’m cursing the dip as we speak.

I decided to skip my easy after-work Thursday gym routine and curl up and die make tomato soup instead. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough make tomato soup.

The hubs makes a tasty tomato soup, so I contacted him on my way home from work to get the recipe. He quickly emailed me the recipe. What would I do without my iphone?

I left the supplies on the kitchen counter, fully intending to make my soup later in the evening. But the hubs made it for me, and took pictures along the way 🙂

I’m enjoying my stummy soup and some sourdough bread – which is my secret cure to fixing my stummy aches. Psychological cure? You betchya.

We’re also watching Modern Marvels: Cheese. Why do I further torture myself?

Will walk for pizza.

Remember how I said I wanted pizza? Here let me refresh your memory:

The hubs and I used to live 50 feet from a Papa Murphy’s. I think we got pizza there twice a week…at least. But tonight, when I called the hubs to find out when he would be home for dinner, I said, “I want junk food,” his response was, “yeah, I want the goat.”

To the goat we went.

And…we walked! I think we said, “this would be so much more enjoyable in the summer,” at least 9 times. Walking in snow isn’t fun (especially 7~ inches), but at least we got a 2.4 mile round trip plus “resistance.”

And I accidentally did some lunges because of the ice layer underneath.

(darn you poor quality night time photos!)

As usual we had the Audubon Caesar.

There is actually a layer of bomb(dot)com homemade croutons underneath. You just can’t see them.

The Caesar didn’t stand a chance.

And we planned to have the Providence pie…

But once we heard the special of the night we changed our mind. A pie topped with red sauce, goat cheese blend, olives, truffle oil, arugula and prosciutto. Sub shrooms for olives of course.

“Salad” on a pizza? Umm, yes please.

I’m glad we walked, it was totally worth it.