Thanks a latte.

You know your day is going to be good when a co-worker brings you a treat from the bux.

Vanilla non-fat latte? Don’t mind if I do.

*sidenote: it is really hard to take a picture of yourself drinking coffee.

I paired my drink with a peach chobani…packed full o protein and ready to rock’n’roll.

It is a good thing this latte was delivered by my thoughtful co-worker because the day didn’t start off as planned. I definitely hit snooze this morning. FAIL. Although I did manage to only hit snooze once, which, compared to my usual 3 smacks, is quite the victory.

While at the gym I was dragging during my morning workout. I was sweating away on the elliptical, watching CNN (the Beckim’s are expecting their 4th child, yes, very newsworthy) and all of a sudden DJ Shadow’s Sandstorm came on the shuffle. This song always provides the burst of energy I need to get me through a boring workout. It also propels me back to my Sophomore year of college, shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch. I keep pace with the beat* and imagine myself running away from their creepy plastic-looking models.

*the pace bumped my reps per minute from 110 to 158!

After my latte and yogurt I was going along my merry way when BAM! I slammed my hand into the corner of the counter with a very heavy cart of books. I don’t deal with pain well and my usual reaction is to curse incessantly until I am dosed with an excessive amount of ibuprofen. Since a class was walking into the library this wasn’t an option. Instead I chose to show off my rapidly growing blood blister to the students and was met with, cool, gnarly*, and awesome! While my hand was throbbing, my ego got a boost.

*Yes, gnarly is back. Well, at least for 12-14 year old boys.

The rest of the day wasn’t as exciting.

Lunch consisted of leftover gourmet bean soup,

topped with some fage and cilantro.

This meal was much prettier last night.

I had some snackies…

Nanner & pb.

And veggies w/homemade dip.

Dinner was a little of this, little of that, empty out the fridgeness. I created a delightful meal combining fresh basil, chicken, bell pepper, onion, shroom, feta and quinoa in a lemon/garlic/stone ground mustard/olive oil sauce. I’ll definitely be making this again.

With a side salad.

Want to know how to make cute strings of basil?

Roll up your washed/dried basil leaves, forming a basil burrito.

Slice thin.


And now I’m munching on some skittles, prepping myself to get my head in the game and not hit snooze in the morning. Eighty-percent is better than none, right?


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