Cruisin’ for a snoozin’

Woke up at 5:04 5:13 today.  Apparently hitting snooze is something I can’t do cold turkey. I’m okay with this. I still made it to the gym by 5:45, so all’s well that ends well, right?

I’ve already blown my mini-goal for the week, so I’m changing it to: only hitting snooze once. Clearly I can make this mini-goal a reality. Maybe next week I’ll tackle no snooze.

Last night I had a ridiculously hard time falling asleep. I would usually attribute this to caffeine, but I finished my coffee by 10 a.m. so that wasn’t the culprit. I’m exhausted now, so I’m hoping to get a good nights rest tonight.

I’m also kind of hazy, which apparently I have been since coming back from winter break. I’ve been marking all the books due in 2010. While last winter was lovely and mild I need to keep moving forward with 2011, (and cross my fingers that it doesn’t snow EIGHT inches tonight).

Today’s menu:

Nothing exciting about the gym, just 60 minutes on the Adaptive Motion Trainer. I love this machine! It is like a cross between a stairstepper and an elliptical, and easier on my joints than the Arc Trainer.

My brekkie consisted of oats, almond milk/water, pepitas, chia seeds and brown sugga.

I definitely made my coffee this morning and left it on the counter. Sigh. Luckily the Y has the Service Station inside and I was able to grab a 20 oz drip w/no-fatty milk and some raw sugar.

And I also nibbled on a very, very sad looking nanner.

Lunch might look familiar. It is the exact same thing I ate last night for dinner: lemon basil chicken quinoa,

with a side salad,

and an apple.

Ok, so I didn’t have an apple last night. I guess I am changing things up, living on the wild side.

I also had a little tea to get me through my late night.

Numi Decaf Black Vanilla is pretty tasty, and even though it is decaf it gives me the late afternoon pick-me-up I would love to get from coffee 🙂

Tuesday’s I keep the library open late for kids to do homework, read and play cool math on the computers. The kids have to read for 20 minutes before they can get on the computers, so I always join them in a little Silent Sustained Reading (SSR). Today I started this book.

Have you read it? I think it is going to be a quick read, and I hope it is as compelling as they* say.

*Who are they, anyway? I guess the gals on the Nest Book Club chat board. The people who made it an ABC movie of the week. All those critics too, I suppose.

After SSR some very sweet girls helped me organize a ton of books and textbooks. Not only did they help, but they were enthusiastic about it. Why can’t all kids be this way?

Since I neglected to leave tonight’s recipe for Libb, we decided to have an easy dinner that didn’t require defrosting anything. I picked these babies up at Costco last week.

And I had this jar of sauce in the pantry.

Which is surprisingly tasty (I prefer it over Classico and Newman’s Own), and it has a great list of natural ingredients. Although I don’t really know what the natural flavors actually consist of.

Looks pretty tasty.

Take a wiff…

The verdict: not so tasty. Dang! I have been looking forward to them since last week. My side of roasted veggies (broccoli, sweet onion and portobella) was much more enjoyable.

I really want some banana soft serve, but I’m too lazy to clean the blender. I also want to soak in the hot tub…but it is too cold to walk from the back door to the tub. Humph.

I guess I’ll have to settle for some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and call it a night. Why am I never at the restaurants when they’re filming?

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