Re-vamping my week.

A lot of yesterday’s to-do’s were checked off today, including taking down the tree, cleaning the house and getting on top of the laundry.

But none of these things were crossed off my list until after I slept off some of yesterday’s stummy ache. I’m still not feeling 100% and decided I had to take a much needed rest day from the gym. Dang! I really like to exercise on the weekends because I don’t feel rushed.

But at least I feel somewhat accomplished. After a breakfast of coffee/raw sugar/ff half&half with bacon, an egg and some hashbrowns I got to work…

My love seat is finally centered with my picture wall.

Although my picture frames are certainly not centered!

While I am happy to have de-Christmasfied the house, I do think my living room is missing a little something-something.

And I think I need to recycle some of those magazines…hmmm.

My dining room table is back to normal too.

And I prepped 3 oatmeals for work brekkies this week.

And the hubs has a Gourmet Bean Soup on the stove-top.

Also accomplished before 5 p.m.:

Gym bag packed and ready to go.

Breakfast/lunch made for tomorrow.

Coffee ground and set to brew tomorrow morning.

And on to the re-vamp:

Last nights Insane in the membrane burgers call for a few ingredients we don’t normally stock the kitchen with. And tonight’s soup is enough to feed an army. So the meal planning I did yesterday morning, meh, out the window. I’m working on creating a new menu for the week that will not require me to go to the grocery store and will allow me to use up some of the fun items filling my fridge.

And after a post-assessment of last weeks meals and workouts I’ve decided I need to attack some issues in a weekly mini-goal manner. Each week I’m going to pick a new mini-goal to work on, and hopefully they’ll stick.

Issues I have:

Getting up when my alarm clock goes off (the first time)

Stretching before and after a work out (related to the alarm thing…)

Drinking enough water

Strength training

Working my core muscles

Eating enough veggies

Getting 8 hours of consecutive sleep

I’m sure I have more, but these are the issues I can most easily identify and work to solve.

This week my goal is to get up when my alarm clock goes off every morning. 5:04 here I come!

Postponed to-do’s.

Today’s to-do’s did not get done.

However, I did find a very tasty recipe for brekkie to use up my on-their-way out pears.

Whole Foods Cinnamon Pear Compote

As usual I didn’t have everything on hand, so I subbed oj for the apples juice, and added 1 tsp vanilla.

I also neglected to peal the pairs. Ain’t no thang.

Bubble, bubble, toil n’trouble.

My-o-my this was some tasty compote! I used it to top my Kodiak Cakes, which I am sad to say I still cannot flip well.

Oh look, there’s a goiter on that one. Ewwww.

Despite their deformities, they were enjoyed by all.

Mmmm steamy.

After breakfast the hubs, Rilo and I set off for a walk. While walking along the park we ran into a friend (and former co-worker), Danielle, who I haven’t seen in, gosh, 3 years?! We live mere blocks apart and see her hubs all the time, but have yet to run into her. Hi Danielle! [We also got to meet her adorable son :)]

Upon returning home I did a little animal snuggling before setting off to the gym. When we were kids my mom had this red nightgown that she used to sit cross-legged (criss-cross-applesauce style, or if you were in elementary school prior to 2000: Indian style), and make a “boat” with the nightgown. We would sit in the “boat” as she would rock back and forth telling us stories, singing lullabies or whatever. Today Libb took it upon himself to create a boat out of his hunting shirt* for Rikka.

      *Libb will sometimes wear this shirt multiple days in a row. The hubs and I mockingly refer to these extended amounts of time as “orange shirt time.” As in, Oh look, it’s orange shirt time again!

When at the gym I had the most intense work out I’ve had in ages. It really sucked to my ass-mar* and I nearly passed out in the shower afterward! But I survived, grabbed a nanner and quickly ran up to an alterations place to hem my Groupon purchase. Sadly the alterations place was not open, which I would have known if I could have called them. But googling “alteration Spokane” did not yield “Alteration Center.” It closed at 3 and I arrived at 4:45. Dang! A quick check on Bing! found Alteration Center, I may be a convert…

        *Ever since reading Lord of the Flies my Sophomore year in high school I’ve referred to my athsma as my ass-mar. Poor Piggy.

I quickly wolfed down a late afternoon lunch consisting of a turkey/horseradish/laughing cow sammie on Dave’s Killer Bread and 2 pickle spears.

Sadly the intense work out combined with eating my food too quickly resulted in a killer stummy ache. I’ve been curled up on the couch the majority of the night 😦

But not entirely out of commission. I still had an out of this world dinner to consume:

Insane in the membrane [turkey] burgers* with kale chips

*Recipe to follow.

The kale chips pretty much mirrored Kath’s recipe, although I didn’t dry my kale as well as I thought I had and the chips were kinda wilted 😦

And the buns? Well, they were a sticky mess! I don’t think I’ll ever talk the hubs into making them for me again, but I will definitely be making them myself! Wow, so tasty and doughy! They were the perfect bun to go with my burger.

Even though he hated making them, the hubs did take time out of his day to photograph the process for me, (something I only discovered as I was uploading the pics to my computer, awww what a sweetie).

Stir it up, ooo darlin’ stir it up…

On my burger: avocado, tillamook colby jack cheese, sweet onion, roma’s, dijon ‘tard and light mayo.

In addition to my kale chips I may have snuck a few of Libb’s fries…


Libb also went a completely different way with his burger, creating a double patty with a tillamook pepperjack/jalapeño cheesy center.

I think Guy Fieri should stop by our house.

While eating dinner we watched Bolt! Ahhhh I loved it! Disney/Pixar really gets it these days. The adult jokes are hilarious. And the pigeons? Bwahahahaha! Genius, pure genius.

At one point Mittens, the cat, described the fireplace with a ball of yarn as the best place in the house. Rilo didn’t have a ball of yarn, but she sure does love the fireplace.

Even if she doesn’t pose for photographs well.