Go Eagles!

I really don’t enjoy football. (Sorry Dad, but I blame the 1983 Packers vs. Redskins game on this fear/hatred/gag reflex). But I do enjoy watching a game in a space where fans are going crazy. I loved watching the World Cup finales this summer in Rome because everyone, and I do mean everyone, was completely engrossed in the game. It was so much fun to listen to the fans and dance around with the kids staying in hostels.

Yo soy Espana, Espana, Espana!


So tonight I had a great time celebrating the EWU Eagles and their defeat over the Delaware Blue Hens* at my favorite establishment. I really had no intention of watching this game, (I didn’t even know it was a championship game) but, ya know, when in Rome

Each time the Eagles scored the fellow next to me (also named Tim) would ring these awesomely worn Eagles cowbells.

I’m not really sure how cowbells and Eagles go together, but he was sure excited about it.

*At one point I saw a sign for ESPN2 where the P stood for Poultry. I had no idea what the mascot was for Delaware. So I  decided they were the Delaware Doves, until I was corrected by the fellow sitting next to me.

While I was at the Goat the hubs and I enjoyed a little Centennial Trail Bread (essentially tasty, tasty pizza dough topped with cheese and dipped in the best pizza sauce ever).

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (New Year’s Resolution after all).

»>Be kind and Rewind«<


Today’s menu consisted of the following

Gym: 20 minutes on the (dread)treadmill. I am now alternating walking 1.5 min and running 3! (I started at a 1.5:1.5 ratio). Go me!

30 min elliptical (w/US Weekly and CNN of course – speaking of, did you see the poor guy whose house was wrongfully demolished last week!?)

Brekkie: strawberry chobani w/nature’s path vanilla almond granola.

Snackie: nanner

With flowers from the hubs in the background 🙂

Lunch: Best.Salad.Ever. This consisted of romaine, reduced fat feta, rotisserie chicken from Costco, pom seeds, tomato, cuke, avocado and homemade dressing. And a Fuji apple on the side, (which really paled in comparison).

All dressed up and nowhere to go (except my stummy!)

**New Teacher Social at David’s Pizza. I haven’t been to David’s in ages, even though it should be included in my pizza rounds of Spokane. As I stated to the teachers in attendance: I was too poor to come here in college!

I only had a Diet Dr. Pepper (hello my love), because the hubs and I have a standing dinner date at the Goat every Friday.

Snackie #2: Luna Peppermint Bar (half before David’s, half after).

Upon arriving home we found Libb eating a hodgepodge of our leftovers including multiple open pastas, lemony chicken breast and homemade spaghetti sauce.

I did a little test taste, not too shabby.

Now we’re watching Diner’s, Drive in’s and Dives (the Elk episode) and I keep recognizing people I know! And I really want to smoke my own onions!


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