Costco run

New Costco coupons started today…and we were out of way too many items to wait until the weekend. Unfortunately my 2 favorite purchases tonight didn’t come with a discount.

Chobani yogurt. Mmmm, proteinlicious

And a new pair of tuff athletics yoga pants. These cropped yoga pants are the best! I don’t practice yoga, but I assume if I ever unwrap* my yoga mat I will enjoy the pants during said activity. For now they work great on the elliptical and treadmill.

           *I bought a yoga mat on clearance a while back with the intention of taking a class at the Y. I still haven’t done that (I have an aversion to group exercise classes for some reason). Tonight the hubs saw the yoga mat in the back of my car and said, “What’s this yoga mat for?” My response, “yoga.” Duh. Apparently he wanted to know since it is clear to him I don’t do yoga.**

          **Although I did try once. I kept hearing how relaxing it was, so I brewed myself a pot of coffee. Roughly 3 minutes into the video I realized yoga was not relaxing and did not pair well with coffee. Maybe a cup after, but definitely not during,

But I digress. Today’s menu consisted of the following…

Brekkie: Oats with almond milk/water, pepitas, raisins, brown sugga, chia seeds and pumpkin spice. Yes, I make 3 of the exact same oatmeals in one night. By the end of the week it isn’t what I am in the mood for, but it is so much easier to just have it ready to go when I am.

Lunch: Spaghetti Squash with turkey italian sausage and homemade sauce (last of those leftovers)

Snackies: nanner, celery/carrots with homemade dip and 5 of the best tasting dried apricots I’ve ever had.

Iterlude for the gym: elliptical for an hour with an issue of People and Snapped! on Oxygen.

Another snackie before Costco: Luna protein bar: peanut butter.

Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time!


While shopping I got increasingly hungrier and hungrier (and crankier…feed me!). I was close to making a poor choice: food court pizza. I do love me a slice of their incredibly greasy pepperoni pizza. But I stuck to my original plan: pick up a rotisserie chicken.

After quickly putting away our purchases (way too many items!), I got to work assembling a chicken Ceasar salad and La Brea bread on the side for dinner.

Yes, Caesar dressing isn’t the best for you, but the Lighthouse Caesar dressing stats actually aren’t that bad. And La Brea bread, oh nom nom nom! The hubs got their cookbook and the bread is very involved and requires constant attention. So while we would love to make their bread at home it won’t be happening any time soon.

I’m excited to wear my new yoga pants in the morning…maybe they will help me wake up and actually meet my gym buddy in the a.m.