Weigh-in Wednesday 2: cheers and jeers!

Cheers to me for achieving this week’s weight loss goal!

To refresh your memory…

Start weight: +21

Long term goal: -21

Last week: -6 (+15 – reaching my “scary number”)

This week: – 7 (+14) This is proof that you can enjoy the holidays, and the treats they bring as long as it is in moderation and you can still lose weight!

Next week’s goal: -8 (+13)

Jeers to the YMCA for their broken shower this morning leaving only 2 available with a long line of women waiting.

That is one of the only things I miss about my old gym: good showers. The Y only has 3 private ones (plus a private disabled one, which I may or may not have snuck into this morning). They have about 10 shower heads in a communal area that no one ever uses. Would it kill them to provide a few courtsey curtains?

Cheers to my co-worker who fixed my computer extension cord this morning. The plug was totally bent and mangled from years of abuse and he bent it back in place so I could charge my COW, (aka cart of 30 computers).

Jeers to myself for forgetting my camera in my desk at work, (don’t worry, it is locked). Sorry for no pictures of today’s menu, but I figure you can use your imagination.

Brekkie: oatmeal with almond milk/water, raisins, pepitas, brown sugga, chia seeds and pumpkin spice. And of course coffee with raw sugar and 1%,

Lunch: Sammie on Dave’s Killer Bread. If you haven’t tried this bread get your butt to Costco and get yourself some. Nom nom nom. Sammie contained deli turkey, avocado, horseradish and a laughing cow wedge. And a salad with romaine, tomato, cuke, pom seeds and homemade dressing.

Surprisingly this held me all afternoon and I never made it to my snackies (nanner and chobani). Of course by the time I got home I was a starvin’ marvin and dove into the killer bread again. And a cup-o-comfort 🙂

Now I’m trying to determine what I have in the kitchen to create a meal. The plan was a soup that we didn’t realize would take 3 hours to cook…bean soup is not worth that wait to me.