Hug a chicken.

No seriously, hug a chicken.

I guess you could always dress up as one instead.

A student checked this out today, and then promptly checked it back in. Perhaps he was too chicken to read it.

Whatever the case, it made me giggle. And I loved the cost of an imported bottle of French wine.

But let’s rewind.

My day started at 5:18 (ahem, snooze, 5:27) as planned. I hit the gym and elliptisized myself through the latest US Weekly. Always a good motivator. Trashy magazines plus CNN really help drag me out of bed.

Then it was off to a staff meeting. As these are held in my “home” (aka the library) I always try to be a bit early and straighten up. This morning I happened to win a prize for showing up on time.

It looks like Diet Dr. Pepper and I will have another rendezvous.

And although I had a yummy (repeat from yesterday) oatmeal ready to be heated and consumed, I never made it to the microwave down the hall because I just got too busy. Luckily I have a stash of healthy snackies at work and a toaster in my office.

Today’s menu consisted of:


Whole wheat english muffin w/peanut butter and a nanner.


Salad of spinach, onion, bell pepper, tomato and lemony chicken (dressed with homemade dressing) and a strawberry chobani.


Cup-o-comfort w/some caramel macchiato creamer (that needs to go. Not only does this not taste all that great, it is full o chemicals and goes against the whole cutting processed foods thing I’ve got going on).

And some popcorn w/lemon-lime seltzer on the side.

One of the perks of having Libb is that I can text him in the morning with my dinner request and he’ll get it prepped for me. Kind of like having a live-in sous chef. Tonight’s menu is a play on a cooking light cheesy taco casserole. If it is tasty I’ll share. If not I’ll just hug a chicken and call it a day.


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