Back to the grind.

Back to work and the coffee grind.

Today did not start out well…my alarm didn’t go off, causing me to miss the gym. Arrgh! I set one for 5:04 and another for 5:18. Neither went off and I woke up at 5:57. Apparently iPhones everywhere have been having this issue since January 1st? News to me. It was also supposed to be fixed by today. Not the case.

Luckily I had my food for the day prepped. I always set the coffee maker the night before so it is freshly brewed when I wake up. On Sunday nights I prep brekkie for 3 mornings too, I really like to grab-n-go in the morning.

On today’s menu:

Brekkie: Oatmeal with almond milk/water, raisins, pepitas, brown sugar, vanilla, pumpkin spice and chia seeds.

Snackies: Celery/carrots w/homemade dip (I’m still perfecting this dip recipe)

And a Luna bar (I’m on the fence if these count as processed foods, since they are kind of a “health food.”)

And random beverages. I try not to drink diet soda, but, Diet Dr. Pepper and I have had quite the torrid love affair these past few years. And I was still wide awake at 2 am, so by noon I was really dragging.

Lunch was good ol leftover spaghetti squash w/turkey italian sausage & homemade sauce.

(Yes, that would be a camping fork I am eating with. Gotta be resourceful at work peeps)

I generally put my leftovers away in single serving containers to grab-n-go for work lunches. Like I said, grab-n-go is essential to making the work week go smoothly. This also makes it easy for leftover weeknight dinners. I usually build 2 of those into the work week as well. Today was one of those days. There was no way I was cooking on the first day back to work after 2 weeks off. (I accidentally just wrote 3 weeks and got really sad…I could totally do with a tad more sleep!)

As my dinner heated I (kind of ) nibbled on a ginger snap. Oops.

And leftover dish dos: lemony chicken w/mushroom and spinach orzo.

I sprinkled a tad too much salt on top though. While it helps me drink more water, it doesn’t taste the best. So I added a dollop of Fage to the top and it cut the saltiness. Mmm, much better.

The hubs just informed me that the city has put a ban on fires. I wonder if they’ll take the money from the fines collected to do something about our icy roadways. I saw a car do a 360 this morning, nearly hitting me on my way to work. Fun.