Zags win!

You can’t even tell I shoveled this afternoon.

boo freakin’ hoo

I was thrilled to celebrate the zags win in my favorite place.

(how cute is the goat in his santa hats?)

And I rocked my new Zags earrings. Don’t be jealous.

I also ran into two friends from my MIT program, Kim and Kyndra. So great to catch up!

The hubs and I consumed the Audubon Caesar (w/chicken) while watching the game.


The Goat makes a great caesar. First of all the dressing is not over the top. It is barely dressed, just enough to give your taste buds some excitement.

But what really makes this salad is the grilled lemon.

Yum and yum.

Upon arriving home we decided to shovel the driveway and sidewalk again. By we I mean the husband said “I’m going to go out and shovel.” My response, “oh, do you want some help?” please say no, please say no. Him, “Do you want to help?” Me, “No, not really.” But I sucked it up and headed back outside anyway. Halfway through our next-door neighbor stopped by and said he didn’t mind snow-blowing the rest 🙂 Score for awesome neighbors!

This gave me more time to set up our tasty bread/oil tray. Tonight we tried the pepperoncini and truffle oils. The pepperoncini was too spicy for me, but the white truffle oil really hit the spot.

Looks eerily like last night, no?

And now that dang ASPCA commercial is on, gets me every time.


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