Snow? Don’t think so.

My phone alerted me that there was a “severe storm advisory” for today. No snow, not even rain, to keep me from my fillings this morning. Darn.

I did learn a lesson though: don’t schedule a filling appointment for 11 a.m. Even if you eat right before you arrive, you will be ready for lunch after and you won’t be able to do anything about it for a few hours because your mouth will be numb. Sigh. Back to 8 a.m. appointments.

Since I was already on the south hill I was able to stop by my favorite grocery store. I really hate that there aren’t any great grocery stores within walking distance of my new place. I also decided to head over to The Rack to use my very first Groupon. Yay! I found a pair of Joe’s Jeans (I LOVE their jeans), and only had to spend $29. Score!

I did have some nummy car snacks to munch on after the novocaine wore off.

Bell pepper filled with a laughing cow light wedge.

Kashi bar (a little too crunchy! for my sore mouth).

Some cherry prunes.

And a special treat (a.k.a. totally empty calories).

At 3 my mouth was still killing me and my head was pounding. I popped some excedrin and decided if it kicked in by the time I arrived at the gym I would do 20 minutes. It did, and I wound up blasting Katy Perry and Ke$ha for an hour on the treadclimber.

Now I’m relaxing in my red chair munching on some bread and the provincial oil I received for Christmas.

Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup is on the stove

And a cherry pie is in the oven.

This is my first attempt at baking a cherry pie…wish me luck!

Woke up late for a dental appointment…two fillings. Ick. Nanner, pb and coffee wolfed down in anticipation of a numb face in an hour or so. Sigh. I think I thought if I hit snooze enough times the appointment would go away…