Christmas cleaning = house tour

In the past week I’ve completely cleaned my house 3 times. And I hate cleaning. I really only like cleaning the kitchen. There is something therapeutic about it, and I hate to cook in a dirty kitchen, so it is a win-win. But vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the toilet, no thanks.

After my parents and libb (live-in-basement brother) departed today my good friend Lindsay and her hubby Matt stopped by on their way back to Seattle.

Lindsay and I completed our Master’s program together at Whitworth University last year. A job offer in the Seattle area took her away from me in August, mere weeks before the hubs and I moved into our first house. Since I gave her and Matt the grand tour of our new(ish) house, I figured I should probably post a photo tour for the rest of you who live far away and have asked to see the house.

Living Room

Rikka says hi 

Dining Room

My mom bought this cute Tin Man piece from Matt’s mom’s gallery last summer at the annual Garland Street Fair.

And the hubs and I purchased this lovely piece at Slight of Hand Cellars in August 09. We FINALLY got it framed this December 😉


I love Christmas cards – my fridge is full of friends 🙂

Upstairs bathroom

Our bedroom

(with Rilo’s “pillowtop mattress” bed) 

Tim got me these lovely paper flowers from anemone for our 2nd Anniversary.


(view from living room)

Let’s head downstairs…





Family Room

libb’s room

Our house was built in ‘42 and the previous owners finished this bedroom. Meaning there are 2 nicely sized closets. One is mine 🙂


2nd bathroom

Not Pictured:

4h bedroom (unfinished)
laundry room


front of house

Hmmm, now I’m hungry. What to eat, what to eat?


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